Treasure of Tarmin Advanced GamePlay Strategy

As promised, this post will contain all the advanced tips, tricks and secrets to increase your chances for completing the quest for the perfect game and total domination of the realm.

When starting off, the ultimate warrior must begin with the ‘hardest’ setting (option 3 [or spacebar] on the emulator).  The warrior will be presented with a randomly selected map of the dungeon with the first twelve levels visible.  With any luck, the warrior will be presented with a map similar to the one pictured below.

Why would this map be lucky, you ask?  Great question.  While some might consider this map to give the warrior several options to get down to the twelfth level, I see this in a very different light.  You’ll notice that the dungeon rooms on every level are mostly adjacent to another dungeon room.  In the dungeon map above, there are only three main separations between dungeon rooms, which occur on levels one, two, seven and eight.  So, why is this   a good thing?  ** It is absolutely critical to build your warrior’s strength attributes as early as possible before getting too far down into the levels.  How can this be accomplished?  The teleportation gates between adjacent dungeon rooms are the key.  There are three different kinds of teleportation gates in the game that can be found from level one through level ten.  They are:

  1. Yellow – Increases War strength attribute and decreases Spiritual strength attribute.
  2. Blue –  Increases Spiritual strength attribute and decreases War strength attribute.
  3. Tan – Does not have any affect on your War or Spiritual attributes.

When I first started playing this game, I always stayed away from the Yellow and Blue Teleportation gates because I felt that I could not control my destiny and that a monster would expose my weakened attributes and quickly crush me.  Well, that is partially true, but through experience I found there is a method to limiting your weakened attribute exposure.  The key to building your strength attributes fast and SAFELY is to make as many LATERAL moves as the dungeon layout allows, regardless of how many times you may pass through the Yellow and Blue Teleportation gates.  Oh, and by the way, it doesn’t hurt to pick up a nice quality spiritual ring early on as well.  I’ll expand on this thought  later in this post with an example.

So, back to the nearly ideal starting map.  Continuing with the notion of lateral dungeon movement, this dungeon map allows the warrior to make a maximum of 20 lateral dungeon teleportations before level 11.  This allows the warrior to gain strength through 31 dungeons with the possibility of 20 different strength changing opportunities through the 20 lateral movements.

The likelihood of the quest working out with 20 “safe” lateral moves as documented above is very low – and may not even be necessary.  Remember, you do not want to risk having one of your strength levels get too low while your warrior is engaged in a dungeon with corresponding monster attack characteristics.  Example – On level one, I would think twice about going through a War Teleportation gate when my Spiritual strength was six and I was about to be teleported to a Spiritual dungeon room.  In doing so, my Spiritual strength would be critically low (approximately 2), and a single blow from a scorpion could kill me – even with a Spiritual ring on.

There is much more to discuss about strategy and ‘ideal’ scenarios.  For now, I will leave you with a few more screenshots that I will illustrate at a later date.

I’d love to hear your comments on your experiences and what you’ve found that works well for you.  Thanks for reading!

Wow – A lucky, nice quality Spiritual ring early in the game to protect my early teleportation adventures!


Only rest when absolutely needed!


War gate ahead – Is it the right decision?

Yes, it is the right decision.  Why?  The result is a reduction of my Spiritual strength to six, but I’m still on level 1, landing in a War dungeon with Spiritua

l armor of 10.  The only thing that would make me feel better is the use of a Spiritual Book to rapidly increase my experience with Spiritual weapons.  Notice how I’m holding onto the blue War book?  I’ll talk about why that is at a later time.










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