Temple Run 2 Update 1.12

As I mentioned in the previous post, it has been a while since I last updated the Temple Run 2 posts on this blog primarily due to  my own arrogance and stupidity – but let's not focus on the negative shall we…

The 1.12 update to Temple Run 2 brings several fun updates worth discussing.  First of all, I wanted to make mention the football character updates prior to 1.12 were nice, but in my opinion, not worth a dollar each…. Nice try Imangi, but I'm not ready to spend a dollar per new character.  Not sure who would or should be for that matter….

One of the most interesting features of the 1.12 update is the individual reward for every artifact discovered – even for duplicate artifacts!  Nice.


As you can see, I had a poop-ton of duplicate artifacts when my app was updated and I took this stapshot.  Also, just to note – I just recently caught up with re-collecting all of the artifacts in this game.  Just to put things into perspective, it took well over 1,000 games and nearly 5 MILLION meters to collect every artifact.  Why?  Ask Imangi.  Could it be because Imangi wants you to keep playing this game because of all the moitization in the game???  That brings up another general point Imangi and many other mobile application developers have figured out – keep the customer incentivize

d to return.  If you allow the customer to complete the achievements too quickly, the software developers are leaving money on the table…. A terrible thought to consider, but it is reality.  There is absolutely no incentive for a software developer to allow you to win without getting something in return – subtly of course…. sinister….


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