Temple Run 2 TEN MILLION Meters Level 9 COMPLETE

Well, I can now throw away the obsession with completing the 10 million meter objective.  Talk about an absolutely time consuming disproportionate challenge beyond all other challenges combined….. I FINALLY COMPLETED IT…….  I seriously don’t know how long or how much game time it took to accomplish it  It would be nice to be able to harvest that kind of statistic.  Maybe an idea for Imangi Studios…. It might also be nice to collect statistics like:
– Longest Run without using a Save Me (Done – Check out the Leaderboard section of the app)
– Average Meters per Game
– Highest Score using less than 50 gems (the vegetables reading this article knows that combination by heart [1,1,1,3,11,27])

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So, anyway, here are the screenshots leading up to completing the challenge.  Hope you enjoy.  Let me know how far you are!

tr2-1 tr2-2 tr2-11 tr2-3
Notice on the screenshot below, I attempted to get as close as possible to 10,000,000 without going over (a-la Galaga style…. [another comment only true arcade vegetables understand]…)
tr2-4 tr2-5 tr2-6 tr2-7 tr2-8 tr2-9

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