Temple Run 2 Sky Clasp Artifact Discovered!

I just made a run with Barry Bones, and I was able to pick up the Sky Clasp Artifact just before the 20,000 meter mark (yes – I was getting concerned that I missed the treasure chest, and more concerning – am I going to need to run 20,000+ meters to get the next artifact??).  But, there it was, just before the 20K meter mark.  Below are the screenshots of the result.

sky-clasp-1 sky-clasp-2 sky-clasp-3 sky-clasp-4 sky-clasp-5

= 90; //-->

Curiously, the Red Exclamation Point is now on my ‘current artifact’, and not the previous one I selected.  This must be by design, but not sure what the significance of the Red Exclamation Point is in the first place.

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