Temple Run 2 Ruby Shard Artifact Discovered!

Well, it took several attempts after the last artifact to collect my second to last unique ring artifact, but I collected the Ruby Shard Artifact using Montana Smith just shy of the 20,000 meter mark without a Save Me.  What I noticed in my failed previous attempts was that I used Save Me’s to get to the 20K meter mark, and my result was either an artifact that I had previously collected, or no artifact at all.  So, I can’t be positive about the experience thus far, could it be that the remaining unique artifacts only come from a run without using a Save Me?  More information to follow, but for now, enjoy the Ruby Shard Artifact screen shots!

ruby-shard1 ruby-shard2 ruby-shard3 ruby-shard4


That’s right – just one more to go 🙂

Just curious – has anyone stuck with a run long enough to collect two or more artifacts?  If so, roughly how long in between collection points?  Post a response!  Thank you!

Also, it seems like I am in ‘Artifact Duplicate Hell’ at the moment.  I’ve been cycling through Temple Run 2 characters, making runs and collecting the first artifact, but they have been duplicates of the ones I’ve already collected.  It appears the last artifact (number 8 in the list of 10) is evading me…  Has anyone had any luck in getting the 8th one on the list?  If so, tell us what it is 🙂  It wou

ld be nice if Imangi’s artifact discovery algorithm gave some kind of preferential disposition to the undiscovered artifacts….  So far, it doesn’t seem that way…..

Update – FINALLY COMPLETE – Have a look at the Cave’s Maw Artifact!


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