Temple Run 2 Infinite Loop Artifact Discovered!

I just completed a run with Karma Lee, and here again, I collected another artifact just before the 20,000 meter mark.  This time it was the Infinite Loop Artifact.  Are you finding that each Temple Run 2 character will uncover a unique artifact?  Have you seen the same character uncover more than one artifact in the same run?  If so, roughly how many meters in between artifact discoveries?  Is it possible a single Temple Run 2 character will only uncover a specific kind of artifact?  Or, can the same character uncover multiple different kinds?  Many, many questions… Let’s hear your response!

infinite-loop1 infinite-loop2 infinite-loop3 infinite-loop4

And, it does look like the Red Exclamation Point is there just to indicate the most recent artifact discovered.

Update – I just made a run with Francisco Montoya, and it took until the 29,500 meter mark to get an artifact, but the artifact was an Angel Wings Artifact, which I already acquired.  That was a very long run for a duplicate!  How far have you ran without getting an artifact?  Wondering if the algorithm for artifact frequency makes the length between discoveries longer, the more artifacts are collected.

Besides objectives, do you think artifacts will unlock any secret character powers?  Imangi?  Care to respond?

Update –  I just made a run of over 42,000 meters with Zack Wonder without an artifact showing up…. Wondering if there is some truth to the idea around only ‘true explorers’ will find an artifact…..

Update – Well, you’d think that Montana Smith would have found an artifact… Not when I tried – I ran over 54,000 meters (on three Save Me’s) without finding an artifact.  What is the deal??  I wonder if using Save

Me’s reduces the possibility of finding an artifact.  Hope not!  I’d hate to have to run 50,000+ meters without using a Save Me to be eligible to find my next artifact!!!!

Last update on this post – Guy Dangerous is at it again – Check out the Demon Claw!


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