Temple Run 2 High Score No Save Me!

So, I just received my new iPhone 5s and wanted to see how far I could run in Temple Run 2 without using a Save Me with the new ‘no lag’ experience.  First, let me say – there is still slight lag.  The 5s isn’t perfect in that respect.  But, the lag may be from Cellular and WiFi turned on.  To reduce lag on the iPhone 4, I would turn off all communications, including bluetooth.  I will try that for my next long run attempt.  But, my first attempt at Temple Run 2 on the 5s brought me a score of over 23 Million.  So, I did some searching and found the current record to be over 49 Million.  So, I’m throwing the challenge back out there.  Over the coming days, I will attempt a few more long runs and post them back here if I beat my first attempt.  If you’d like to get in on the challenge, connect with me on Game Center.  My nickname is: Secret Spy.  Have fun!

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BTW – I just SMASHED my person best record – Have a look: http://avanteideas.com/just4fun/temple-run-2-personal-best/


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