Temple Run 2 Floating Island Artifact Discovered!

Well, how about that – I just made a run with Scarlett Fox and I uncovered the Floating Island Artifact just before the 6,000 meter mark.  I kept running to see if I would uncover another artifact in the same run in double the distance, but after 14,000 meters without another artifact turning up, I decided to end the hunt.  Below are the screenshots.  What are you finding?  Are you noticing the need to switch between characters to get the next artifact?  Post a response below!

scarlett-fox-1 scarlett-fox-2 scarlett-fox-3 scarlett-fox-4 scarlett-fox-5

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By the way – Does anyone know what the Red Exclamation Point indicates next to the Floating Island Artifact?

Update: Barry Bones on the move.  Read the Sky Clasp Artifact discovery!

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