Temple Run 2 Challenges Complete List in Graphical Mode

In response to a recent comment, I screen captured all challenges and created a single graphical list of all 49 completed challenges for version 1.4.1 of Temple Run 2.  Notice the progress bar for Level 9 is only “half complete”.  I think this is a bug which occurs when you complete an unbalanced amount of challenges between levels.  I’ve been unable to confirm this, but an example would be if you completed challenges after the more time consuming challenges like: Minor Miner, 5 Million Club, Circumnavigator, Gold Miner, Midas Touch and Infinirunner.  This can routinely happen, and my guess is that the progress bar gets screwed up when interpreting the challenges in the order completed.  I highly doubt there is a “level 10” in this version of the game.  But, I would assume if you were able to complete all of the challenges in exact order, the progress bar would be 100% by the very last set of challenges.  I’m interested in knowing what you think.


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  1. click on the ribbon icon on the bottom right corner and you’ll find some hidden achievements not yet completed

  2. B4PACK, I clicked on the ribbon and I have no more to do…I do see “hidden” items but I do not want to “share”. I too have found all of the artifact rings and the level 9 bar is still incomplete. I hope this is not the end of the game. Has anyone heard from Imangi whether the artifact rings will have any significance in upcoming challenges? I only play the daily challenges and the weekly I can do in one sitting…

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