Temple Run 2 Cave’s Maw Artifact Discovered!

Well, it took dozens of attempts, with no real rhyme or reason, but I was able to collect my final ring artifact – the Cave’s Maw Artifact (8th in the list of 10) near the 15,000 meter mark using Barry Bones.  Continued attempts was the only thing that worked for me.  I kept cycling through characters after every attempt.  I’m not sure if cycling through the characters helped me collect the final artifact quicker, but I’m glad the objective is complete!  No huge surprise – even though I completed this objective, the Level 9 progress bar still remains incomplete for me.  Again, not sure if this is just a bug, or if this is intentionally done by Imangi.  If they’d only speak up…. (I’ve contacted their support and asked this question directly, but no response yet).  Meanwhile, have a look at the Cave’s Maw Artifact!

caves-maw1 caves-maw2 caves-maw3 caves-maw5 caves-maw4

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