Temple Run 2 Artifacts Discovered!

With the 1.5 release of Temple Run 2 comes the Artifacts challenge!  Immediately after getting this update, I proceeded to make a run to find out – “how do I ‘discover’ these artifacts?”.  After a couple of runs under 10,000 meters, I didn’t find anything.  I then made a third attempt and found my first ‘treasure chest’ at around the 11,500 meter mark.  The treasure chest was in the same position as any power up would be.  The right timing allows you to pick it up just the same.  The screenshots below show the discovery after I died.  Sorry – I was not able to get a screenshot of the treasure chest before I picked it up – maybe next time!

From the looks of the Artifacts section in the game, it looks like Imangi has a full artifact release schedule setup.  And, as you can see from the screenshots, new objectives come with the Artifact challenges.  Great job Imangi!

artifact1 artifact1-2 artifact1-3 artifact1-4


Update: Uh-oh…. I just ran over 22,000 meters with Usain Bolt and NO ARTIFACTS available… I have a feeling only the “real treasure hunters” can uncover artifacts.  More to follow…&#


Update 2: Second run with Guy Dangerous, 13,300 meters, no artifacts.  Could it be that each character has to find one each before the same character can find a second?  More to follow…..

Update 3: Just discovered a new artifact with Scarlett Fox.

** Also, be sure to vote for your favorite feature release for the next update of Temple Run 2! **

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  2. the atrifacts look to be completely random I got 3 with guy dangerous. I got the floating island, demon claw and caves man.
    I just ran 45,000 miles without finding one of them. another time i found on on 2,000 meters. I think it might be random.
    there is also a possibility that different runners get different rings.

  3. Hi Guys,
    I am Getting Daily one Artifact irrespective of the player and irrespective of the meters run….till now i found

    I guess u will get only one artifact per day.

    Rgds/Shakti Soni

    • Hi Shakti,
      That is definitely not the experience I had. I was able to discover every artifact within 48 hours using a combination of characters and attempts. Check out the detail I posted here when discovering my last unique artifact: http://avanteideas.com/just4fun/temple-run-2-caves-maw-artifact-discovered/

    • No not the case. If you keep running you will find a chest every run. May be early or may be 100,000 meters but there will eventually be a chest every run. What’s frustrating is you may keep finding the same ring over and over. I did find that changing players helps find different rings. I have as many as 9 of the same ring. I have all 10 rings and I have 48 rings total. Also I have found that you can only collect one chest per run. Once you collect a chest you can run forever without seeing another chest. Now if you see a chest and miss collecting it you can keep running and another chest will appear. May be right away or a very long way down the road. But I am certain you can collect only 1 chest per run. I say this because I have played so many games collecting one chest never seeing another. I also ran my best game ever 319,341 meters for 147,059,814 score and NEVER seen a second chest.

    • Keep running there will be a chest every game. That is IF you run far enough. I have seen them pop up at the start and at 100,000 meters. But I assure you if you run far enough there is a chest every game. If you run for example 10,000 to 20,000 meters every game you may play many games with no chest. I believe it’s set at random where the chest appears.
      I have found that if you run at least 60,000 meters per game you likely see a chest most games. Use save me and keep running is the key.

  4. Today I purchased Francisco Montoya (up to now felt like I didn’t need too). I got a ring at 1300M! Also I ran with the gem utility powered up and did not find any gems at all. I ran 27000m and did not revive.

    • Buffy,, The GEM power up is like the other power ups. Take boost for example once u collect enough coins you double tap the screen to go into boost. The Gem power up is the same.. Once u collect enough coins you double tap the screen to collect the GEMS. Then collect coins again to powerup and double tap again. If you power up GEM bonus up to 10 times you collect 5 GEMS each time used up to 10 times. Then 2 GEMS per use after. Collecting coins is the goal when using GEM powerup.

  5. Hi Hendy911, thank you for the gem tip. I played as fransico and found an artifact at 1400, was another infiniti ring…I now have 9. BUT I powered up the gem and tapped each time the meter filled and within 1000 – 1500 m appeared a gem each time. I agree that only one artifact per run and when I have missed one (usually at a weird angle going up a hill) another would appear around 10,000 to 25,000 meters, really no rhymn or reason. I keep guessing so I keep playing!

  6. Using Usain Bolt, I have found seven of the ten rings. As everyone else has stated, they have been random. I can see Hendy911’s point, as most of my runs have been between 20,000m and 40,000m lately (I limit myself to three Save Me’s per run as I am keeping a log and tracking distance and coins collected averages).

    It’s nice to know that if you miss the artifact, it will reappear. To this point, I had been restarting if I had missed the artifact. With the restarts, I will see the artifact near where I saw it the first time, within a couple thousand meters (if I missed it at 10,000m, I can expect to see it, in my restart, anywhere from 8,000m – 12,000m.

    Happy hunting.

  7. Thanks to all for being active on this.

    But small question:
    can any one let me know that ‘what is the use of collecting this artifacts’. (Apart from completing the objective).
    I meant that- is there any use of it or else we are just running like dogs to collect this b.s.

    Rgds/Shakti Soni.

    • Shakti,
      In short, yes – there is no ‘higher purpose’ in collecting these artifacts at the moment. I felt the same way you did. But, I’m hoping Imangi is reading the reaction and considering where they can take this new feature. I feel like there are many possibilities to expand – and maybe Imangi is already seriously considered them, and are well past our thought process. Only time will tell.

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