Temple Run 2 4th of July Hot Dog Artifact Discovered!

My fifth and final 4th of July Artifact discovered was the Hot Dog!!


Like I promised in my previous post, here is my ‘not so exact science’ method for collecting artifacts quicker:

Take the shortest runs you can possibly take if the first Power Up is NOT an Artifact Chest… In other words – “Die” as quickly as you can if the Artifact Chest is not the first Power Up. This forces the Artifact Chest to present itself earlier in subsequent games. This is not an exact science, but it helped me with this round of Artifact discovery….. Until Imangi reads this post and decides to quietly change the logic….

And, you bet I unlocked that fantastic Uncle Sam hat!


Oh, what a sight to see it on our daring adventures…. wha…whaaa!

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What did you think of this holiday’s Artifacts?

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