Temple Run 2 St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Discovered

The third St. Patrick’s Day artifact discovered was the Rainbow!

rb-1 rb-2

Bloon Tower Defense 5 Update 2.6 COMPLETE

Bloon Tower Defense 5 has been updated to release 2.6!


With the new update, we have two new maps available for us.

The first one – Lobby was easy, as expected.


I blew through this map and received the Olympian award quick and easy.


But, the second map – Down the Drain – Expert was a very, very tough map.  I was able to complete the map on Easy and Medium without any special agents, but I had to use a few high strength special agents on Hard to complete the map.  The truth is – I didn’t want to spend the time to accomplish the map without agents… maybe I’m getting soft…. maybe some other time….


Anyway – Great Expert map they just added – check it out and let me know if you could beat the map on Hard without Agents!


Temple Run 2 Personal Best

I just SMASHED my personal best scores: Longest Run, High Score, and High Score No Save Me’s all at one time.  I think I could have gone longer, but I think the Jumping Glitch sped me up and I couldn’t slow down to normal speed (unless someone can tell me from personal experience the game gets much faster after 90 Million and 173 Thousand Meters!)



How close are you to my personal best?  Send me a friend request: Secret Spy, and throw down the challenge!

Temple Run 2 Valentine’s Day Heart Hat Unlocked!

After collecting the final Valentine’s Day Artifact, I unlocked the Heart Hat – and wow, is it special 😉

Of course I have to wear it now!!!


How else can I defame such a world class athlete such as Usain Bolt!?!?!


Of course I had to play him and watch as Usain makes a fool of himself in this hat…..

tr2valday16 tr2valday18

At one point I felt Usain say STOP – ENOUGH – PLEASE LET ME JUMP OFF THIS CLIFF!!!! …..



So, what did you think of this incredible new Valentine’s Day Artifact release?