Bloon Tower Defense 5 Daily Challenge Wheel

With the 2.9 update to Bloon Tower Defense 5, Ninja Kiwi has added the Daily Challenge Wheel.  This gives the die hard fans of BTD new life for combinations of challenges reminiscent of the Random Missions section of the game.


We now have the capability to choose the difficulty level for the daily challenge, along with time based achievement goals for the hard core fan.  You’ll notice I completed the Impoppable Mode Daily Challenge on the screenshots below.  I must say – having only four towers to complete An Impoppable Mode map is a very good challenge… strategy update to follow… 🙂



UPDATE………. OK, I give….. I’d like to be able to complete the Impoppable daily challenge WITHOUT Special Agents…. I have not been able to do it outside of the ONE time that you see above…. Well done Ninja Kiwi…. I concede…

Has ANYONE beaten the Impoppable daily challenge WITHOUT Special Agents with any success??  If so, I’d love for you to post your strategy here!

UPDATE – I’ve had the most success in beating the Impoppable Daily Challenge when the Monkey Engineer tower is part of the allowed four tower combinations.


Even with the Monkey Engineer available, you are not guaranteed a victory.  The other three available towers, along with the specific map can play a big factor in completing the Impoppable Daily Challenge without the use of Special Agents.  For instance, I was presented with the Monkey Engineer on the Impoppable Daily Challenge with the Double Double Cross map, and I could not not beat the challenge.  I successfully got through Round 84, but Round 85 with 5 ZOMG was too much (even with the Engineer Workshop Specialist Building Level 4 activated) given the limited tower selection and the four-way map exit and entry paths.

unpop-win1 unpop-win2

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The above victories came at a severe time cost.  It is not uncommon to re-attempt rounds (more difficult rounds like: 63, 78, etc.) dozens of times before the right combinations of tower configuration is accomplished.

This leads me to a revelation – Did Ninja Kiwi go through any scenario testing process before rolling out the Daily Challenge feature?  It appears the Impoppable Daily Challenge combinations can randomly become absolutely impossible to complete without the use of Special Agents.  If there is anyone from the community – or Ninja Kiwi directly that can disprove my theory, please feel free to comment on this blog with facts.  The owner of this blog would be thrilled to be proven wrong…