Temple Run 2 Reboot…

It's been a while since I've posted anything on this site.  I'll give you one hint as to why it has been so long…….


So, I guess I deserve this……  All it took for me to lose the last year of progress on this game was a series of carelessly constructed events along with a poorly crafted Apple iOS 8 software upgrade process….

Yes, you guessed it – I allowed myself to get screwed by the Apple iOS 8 upgrade…..  I (the IT guy..) did not have a backup of my phone prior to starting the upgrade….I was in a rush that day….. I didn't think anything would go wrong…. I put my trust in one of the largest software development companies on the planet…. I was connected to my WORK VPN (potential root cause) at the time of the upgrade…. I did not have iCloud turned on….

Yeah… fun times…. I lost everything on my phone that day…. hundreds of phot

os, all my settings and app configurations… thoroughly defeating… And, yes, if I spent enough time pouring through Apple support threads, speaking to Apple support, and going to the Apple Genius Bar, I assume someone would have been able to save the settings, but I needed my phone for work that morning… Yeah, in simple terms – it sucked….

And, what was I most upset about throughout this whole ordeal?  You got it, not the loss of the hundreds of photos, not the loss of my application settings…. the loss of my Temple Run 2 settings was catastrophic….  But, did this deter me from getting back to my achievements??  In my subsequent posts you'll get that answer… But for now, I'd love to hear about how many other people also had iOS 8 upgrade issues….

Did you have an iOS 8 upgrade failure?

Bloon Tower Defense 5 – Centurion Achievement Complete!

It took a while, but I was finally able to complete the Centurion achievement!  I burned a lot of time focusing on the Impoppable Daily Challenges, so it took me longer to get this achievement completed.  In theory, I could have taken the cheap way out and completed the Easy and Medium challenges for 50 days in a row and been done in half the time or less.  But, being the stubborn perfectionist that I am, I needed to feel truly accomplished before completing this achievement.  So, here is the glorious proof!

cent1 cent2

Notice, I had significant success with the Impoppable mode.  There are several advanced strategies I will continue to post.  Have fun!


Bloon Tower Defense 5 – Impoppable Strategy

After playing the BTD5 Impoppable mode for a while now….. it occurs to me there is an advanced strategy many gamers may overlook when attempting to beat Impoppable mode without the assistance of Special Agents.

By having the Level 4 Specialist Building activated, most maps can be beaten in Impoppable mode.  I say ‘most’ because maps like Death Valley are very difficult on their own – with all towers available.  When you are only given 4 towers to select from, the task becomes pathetically impossible.

Here is an example of an Impoppable mode map with a tower placement strategy that works for 84 rounds, but falls way short for round 85 (with 5 ZOMG):


So… what can be done?  Out of cash at this point, right?  The trick here is to know your tower’s “Activated Ability”.  In this case, the “First Strike Capability” of the Monkey Sub is all that is needed to completely wipe out the ZOMG.


So, the last question is – Do we have enough cash to purchase the First Strike Capability for five towers to match the five ZOMG?  Nope… just shy.  Even with the Level 4 Specialist Building activated for the Monkey Sub which saves 5% on the tower purchase and upgrades, I am still light on cash.  No worries, all that needs to be done is – be quick!  Start the round in normal speed mode, allow the ZOMG to enter the map, then knock four of the ZOMG off with the First Strike Ability.  Then, sell one of the four ‘used’ towers, then upgrade the last tower, hit the First Strike Ability – done!


So…. easy, right!????

Have a better strategy?  Post your comment here.  Would love to hear it 🙂

Bloon Tower Defense 5 – 4 of a Kind Complete!

Here is an interesting strategy on the Clock map Impoppable mode which I thought should have been a piece of cake since I was given the Monkey Engineer with one of the easier expert maps.  As it turns out my strategy through 84 rounds was fine, but once the 5 ZOMGs came out on round 85, I had to rethink my tower strategy nearly 10 times before I beat the level!

Here was the original configuration that allowed me to blaze through 84 rounds with ‘money to spare’…..


Below is the humbled beginnings of the adjusted layout.  I forgot to realize the ZOMG path was around the outside of the map, rendering most of my interior towers ineffective….


I was finally able to beat the round by placing several Spike Factory and Juggernaut Dark Monkey towers around the perimeter.  Once the round started, I had to unleash targeted Spike Storms to finally beat the round!!!


Oh, and what do ya’ know – That was the last challenge left for me to complete the 4 of a Kind Achievement!


U bet!


Bloon Tower Defense 5 – Death Valley Impoppable Mode NOT POSSIBLE!!!!

Way back when, I posted a strategy for Death Valley for ‘standard’ mode with all towers available…. But, when attempting to beat Death Valley from the Daily Challenge Wheel with only four random towers available is seriously impossible without the use of Special Agents.  I would love to hear back from anyone that has successfully completed Death Valley, Impoppable mode without Special Agents.

As you’ll notice, I built up what I thought was the best defense with the majority of a single tower strategy:


But, when it came to round 85 (5 ZOMG!!!), I had to blow away my entire tower configuration and utilize Level 4 Phoenix Wizards across the board:


This turned out to be a ridiculous round where I had to sell one of my Bloonsday Devices mid way through the round, and replace it with a fully charged one to barely beat the round!  I seriously never want to go back to this map ever again!





Temple Run 2 4th of July Hot Dog Artifact Discovered!

My fifth and final 4th of July Artifact discovered was the Hot Dog!!


Like I promised in my previous post, here is my ‘not so exact science’ method for collecting artifacts quicker:

Take the shortest runs you can possibly take if the first Power Up is NOT an Artifact Chest… In other words – “Die” as quickly as you can if the Artifact Chest is not the first Power Up. This forces the Artifact Chest to present itself earlier in subsequent games. This is not an exact science, but it helped me with this round of Artifact discovery….. Until Imangi reads this post and decides to quietly change the logic….

And, you bet I unlocked that fantastic Uncle Sam hat!


Oh, what a sight to see it on our daring adventures…. wha…whaaa!


What did you think of this holiday’s Artifacts?

Temple Run 2 4th of July Flag Artifact Discovered!

My fourth 4th of July Artifact discovered was the Flag!  Like I mentioned in the previous post, I think I have a better method for collecting artifacts quicker…. again, still testing, but I will post the strategy here.  What do you think the 4th artifact in the series will be?  Any coincidence that the 4th artifact is the last one to show up??

F4-1 F4-2

Temple Run 2 4th of July Fireworks Artifact Discovered!

With the 1.9.1 update to Temple Run 2 we find the 4th of July Artifact quest.  In this run, I as able to pick up the Fireworks Artifact!


Oh boy – I sure can’t wait until I get Uncle Sam Hat unlocked!!! ………

fw2 fw3 fw4


Did you happen to notice the discovery algorithm is quite the same as the most recent artifact quest??  Tell us what you think about it in the related poll……..