Bloons Tower Defense 5 Monkey Lab Upgrades Complete

After my Co-Op revelation, I bit the bullet and completed as many Co-Op games as necessary to achieve level 8/8 for all seven Monkey Lab upgrades.  Below are the screenshots of the fully upgraded Monkey Lab abilities.

mlab2 mlab3 mlab4

The screenshot below is the final achievement notification I received for the last Monkey Lab upgrade.


After all of this activity finished, I still have THOUSANDS of rounds to complete to get the Steeley challenge completed….  If my estimations are close, each percentage point earned for the Steeley challenge takes a minimum of three – possibly four 101 round games.


Taking the worst case scenario to complete Steeley, the math to complete my remaining percentage works out in the following manner:

100% – 71% = 29% Remaining
29 x 4 “101 Round Games” = 116 “101 Round Games”
116 x 35 minutes per 101 Round Game = 4,060 minutes / 60 = 67.67 HOURS / 24 = 2.82 DAYS!!!! OF STRAIGHT PLAYING TIME!!!!

How close are you on completing the Steeley challenge?  Have you figured out the exact math?  I realize there are only a select number of rounds that count in the process – ie: round 28, 30, etc, but since there is no way to start at those rounds, the long way is the only method…. Or is there another way?  I

s it possible to get Sandbox mode to count toward the Steeley achievement??

Even if Sandbox mode could be the ticket to completing the Steeley challenge quicker, you would still need to generate 2500 Lead Bloons for every percentage earned (touch the Lead Bloon button 2500 times for each percentage point…).  Or in my case, 250,000 x .29 = 72,500 times!!!!


Bloon Tower Defense 5 Co-Op Disconnects at Round 63

So, I see many posts around BTD5 Co-Op disconnects, but not many repeatable documented instances to help Ninja Kiwi fix the issue.  Here is what I’m noticing:

It doesn’t matter what kind of Co-Op game you play (Quick Match or Private), if you play a Medium or Hard difficulty, you will get disconnected at round 63.  I’ve played several maps with an Easy difficulty setting, and have successfully completed the game.  But, the moment, I start a Medium difficulty game, I get to round 63 and get disconnected each and every time.  And, the Server ID is always the same: “FLLJKOFKGIJ”.  I’d like to know if anyone else is experiencing anything similar.  Here are a couple of supporting screenshots:

btd5-disconnect-r63-1 btd5-disconnect-r63-2

Does the disconnect have to do with the “busy” nature of round 63? (multiple ceramics), lots of processing power required?  Could it be the server “FLLJKOFKGIJ” doesn’t have enough memory allocated for round 63?  Has anyone gotten past round 63?  Post your details.  Could my disconnects have to do with the towers I’m using?  I’ve been using fully upgraded Monkey Engineers with Bloon Traps.  I’m interested to hear what you’ve run into.  Thanks!

** UPDATE – I was able to get past round 65 on a subsequent map.  So, I do not have a common thread as I thought I did.  Could it be that the connection to the server is unstable?  The issue could still reside with the load on the server causing the frequent disconnects…

Bloons Tower Defense 5 Update 2.4

Thankfully with the 2.4 update to Bloons Tower Defense, four new maps gave me a nice boost to completing the remaining Monkey Lab upgrades.  As I mentioned in the previous post, I had 108 tokens remaining to earn to complete the Monkey Lab upgrades.  After completing the four new maps, I collected 38 tokens leaving 70 tokens remaining.  Starting Cash and Starting Lives are the only two remaining Monkey Lab upgrades to complete for me:


Here’s something else I noticed – Co-Op is a great concept, but I can rarely complete a map without getting disconnected.  Not sure if you guys experience the same thing.  If so, is there anything that can be done to reduce the broken connections?

Here is a quick look at a few of the unlocked maps with the 2.4 update.

btd5-xmas-cd2-1 btd5-xmas-cd2-2 btd5-xmas-cd2-3

I found Runway to be a nice challenge, but with the Monkey Engineer Specialties turned on, not many maps remain challenging.  It would be nice if the 2.4 update gave us a few Random Missions updates!  (IMO, Random Missions are the most challenging maps in BTD5).


Bloon Tower Defense 5 Ultimate Specialist COMPLETE!

Well, it has been a very long road, but hundreds of special missions and tens of thousands of monkey dollars later, I finally achieved the Ultimate Specialist!

ultimate-specialist1 ultimate-specialist2

What’s achievements do I have left?  Outside of the cheesy Co-Op challenges, I have three remaining Monkey Lab Upgrades to complete:

Starting Cash – Currently, Level 5/8, Remaining Tokens: 12 + 20 + 25 = 57
Starting Lives – Currently, Level 6/8, Remaining Tokens: 20 + 25 = 45
Sell Price – Currently, Level 7/8, Remaining Tokens: 25

Current amount of tokens: 18 (I’d like to complete the Sell Price Upgrade before the Starting Lives or Starting Cash Upgrades.).

So, the math works out to be: (57 + 45 + 25) – 18 = 109 Tokens Remaining.

So…. without purchasing any tokens, I would need to complete 101 rounds of any map 109 times to earn 1 single token per map…. Are you kidding me????

Do you find yourself in the same monkey boat?

Oh, and the Steeley Achievement is only 65% complete for me.  Looks like popping 250,000 Lead Bloons is quite a laborious task….

Taking this analysis a bit further, I attempted a sprint to complete 101 levels as quickly as possible.  So, I activated my Engineer’s Workshop Level 4 Specialist Building, started an EASY game of Monkey Lane and flew through 101 levels as quickly as possible – with No Lives Lost, of course.  The result:


It took me between roughly 35 minutes to complete 101 rounds….

If I thought the Road to the Ultimate Specialist was too long, the road to complete my remaining challenges dwarfs all other challenges by quantum leaps.

Applying time to the remaining tokens works out to be:

108 x 35 minutes = 3,780 minutes / 60 = 63 HOURS / 24 = 2.63 DAYS!!!! OF STRAIGHT PLAYING TIME!!!!

That is an absolutely MIND BLOWING amount of time and dedication….. Are you up for that level of dedication?  Or, are you going to give into Ninja Kiwi and purchase your remaining tokens?  I would need to purchase $18.00 worth of tokens to purchase the remaining Monkey Lab Upgrades.  But, I would still  be short on completing the Steeley Achievement.  I did notice my Steeley percent complete increased from 65% to 66% after I completed the 101 rounds on Monkey Lane.  This would indicate that I would need to complete roughly 44 more 101 round maps to complete the Steeley Achievement.  Therefore, if I wanted to complete the Steeley Achievement, I would still need to invest:

44 x 35 minutes = 1,540 minutes / 60 = 25.67 HOURS / 24 = 1.07 DAYS!!!! OF STRAIGHT PLAYING TIME!!!!

Somewhere within all of this investigation is an opportunity for ‘improvement’.  I’ll leave it up to you to define what that opportunity is, and what you plan to do about it…..

UPDATE – I might be severely underestimating the time requirement to completing the Steeley challenge.  To test my previously mentioned theory, I rant through the 101 round sprint again with a result of no increased percentage to the Steeley Achievement.   I then ran through 140 rounds of Apocalypse and found my Steeley percentage increased a single percentage point.  This could be a VERY, VERY long road…..

UPDATE – I finally realized the Co-Op mode is the key to completing the remaining Monkey Lab upgrades.  Co-Op contains 23 maps, several of which are exclusive maps to Co-Op mode.  All of the Co-Op maps allow for Tokens and Medals to be earned just the same as normal maps.  But, here is the important catch – Co-Op is ‘fragile’.  It is highly probable you will experience frequent disconnects while attempting to complete maps in Co-Op mode.  This can come from a variety of different reasons, which I expand on in my disconnection post.  But, expect the disconnects to happen at the worst times as well – yes, the round before you are about to complete the challenge… not very fun…  I would estimate 80% of all Co-Op attempts made result in a disconnect for one reason or another.  The highest rate of frequency I have in completing a Co-Op match is to start a “Quick Match”, select all Track Types, then select only Easy difficulty.  Getting through 50 rounds is the highest probability for success.  Once Easy difficulty is complete, move to Medium, then Hard.  Good luck!


Temple Run 2 All Christmas Items Discovered!

Now that I’ve collected all of the Christmas Artifacts, I’ve unlocked the Christmas hat!

xmas5b xmas5a

Simply click on the hat to place it on your runner.


Try it on for size!


Looking good Montana!


So, what was your favorite feature of the 1.6 update?  What feature(s) do you think were left out that should have been added?


Temple Run 2 All Mask Artifacts Discovered

So, here they are, in all of their benign glory 😉

All 10 Mask Artifacts.  So, how did I do it so quickly?  If you’ve been reading this blog, you would have come up with the answer before me.  In short, keep your runs short (< 3000 meters) and rotate your characters often.  I found several unique artifacts in the sub-500 meter range!  Yes, Imangi must be getting soft on us…  But, that’s fine by me right about now 🙂

mask10a mask9a


Time for me to finish up the Christmas Artifacts 🙂