Intellivision Treasure of Tarmin Perfect Game Challenge

The following scenario is the Perfect Game Challenge for the 1982 classic video game Treasure of Tarmin for the Intellivision console.

The following outline is a theoretical “No Stone Unturned” scenario, where the warrior vanquishes every enemy on every level, along with collecting every piece of treasure in a specific manner to achieve the maximum possible score.

Start the game at the maximum difficulty (Level 3 of 3).
DO NOT begin picking up any treasure until you have the Purple “Midas” Special Book.  Once you’ve obtained the Purple Midas Special Book, you must change every piece of treasure to Platinum before picking the treasure up.  This will ensure the value of the collected treasure is as high as possible before the end of the game.
Proceed through all 256 levels – avoiding all monsters and magical doors that you are not certain you can defeat.
Start back at level 1 and vanquish all opponents that were originally avoided in every possible level and floor that can be reached.
Collect the Treasure of Tarmin on the second pass to the 256th level.

The warrior’s strength values would be:

199 War strength
99 Spiritual strength
119 War armor
52 Spiritual armor

Since I have not come close to level of patience and dedication required to achieve this perfect game, I can only estimate the value of the total collected platinum treasure to be around 200,000.  There would be variation to this sco

re depending on the algorithmic results throughout the game.

If this perfect quest were to be realized, I estimate the endeavor to take between 8 and 20 cumulative hours to accomplish.

Who will be brave enough to withstand the quest for a perfect game of the Intellivision 1982 Advanced Dungeons and Dragon’s Treasure of Tarmin? I await your response…


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