Fast & Furious – The Game Strategy

Here I will discuss the game strategy of Fast & Furious Legacy.  There have been many blog posts about hints, tips and tricks, but none have gone into the right detail, and all fall short of being truly useful information for those that wanted to step their game up to the top of the leaderboards.

There was a serious level setting that needed to occur for players that wanted to achieve the top leaderboard positions without cheating/scripting or paying real cash for the best cars.  The paramout question was – Is it possible to get the best cars in the game without paying real cash for them?  If so, was it a random occurrence?  Or was there a pattern most likely to accelerate the caputure of the fabled HERO Class S cars?

I am going to go into HEAVY detail in this post on why the previous statement was the right question to ask.  For now, I leave you with the GOLDEN RULE of the game:

  1. HORD ALL GOLD.  Do not take this trivially.  From the very start of the game, hold off on spending your gold.  And, NEVER spend gold on speeding up oil changes or part upgrades.

Much more information to follow…

One may ask – Do I need the best cars in the game to get to the top of the leader boards?  The answer is unequivocally – yes.  Let me just level set your expectations of where your leaderboard ranking would fall with only A Performance class or less at your disposal when competing in Elite ladder.  If you had good racing skills, you should be able to end up just under the 500 rank mark,  For many racers, that was good enough.  Not for me, of course.  I needed to understand how to rank higher, and how in the world to collect the precious S Class Hero cars that could take me there.  And, if you couldn't already tell, I was highly frustrated by not having the S Class Hero/Performance cars.  Why?  Well, by December of 2016, I was playing Fast & Furious Legacy for at least a year without being able to collect a single S Class car – let alone the S Class Hero/Performance cars.  My FFL racing life consisted of masterfully cranking through Ladder, then getting under 500 in Elite, then getting crushed when racing JT 2521s, 2508 GTR Heros, Performance MC12s and Ruf RT12s .  It was a rough life for over a year…..

I began to ask – Was it even possible to collect an S class car of any kind without spending real cash to do it?  I would ask people all the time on the FFL chat if they had any S class and how they collected it, if they did.  I received so many varied responses.  So many people said – it is just random.  But, I wasn't satisfied with that answer, however true it may have been.  Honestly, the random nature may very well be the case.  And, since the game has now shut down, I don't think we will ever get a concrete answer for the exact, correct strategy.  But, my screenshots and descriptions will show you how I was able to collect the Hero S Class cars – a finale of vindication I won't ever forget.

Unfortunately, I was able to collect the GTR Hero on Christmas Eve, 2016 – less than a month before the game was scheduled to be shut down.  So, I was not able to fully build the GTR Hero completely.  I had just enough time to do it, but I did not have the Class S Stage 3 Engine or NOS required to complete the build.  A very tough pill for me to swallow, but at least I was able to enjoy the car for the weeks that I had it.

Below are the snapshots of the pictures of my GTR Hero being collected.  It was such a fantastic Christmas gift!  It was the last car I needed to complete the Japanese car set.

It turns out – purchasing the Premium Crate for $1000 did the trick on that faithful Christmas Eve.  My first pull was directly from the center crate, which yeilded a C class car.  My second pull was from the leftmost crate, and there it was – The GTR Hero staring me directly in the face.  I could not believe it….

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