Fast & Furious – The Background

So, what is the reason?  Where did the passion come from?  Sadly, most would associate the interest in the Fast & Furious franchise with the untimely death of Paul Walker.  For me, Paul's death made my commitment to the franchise even stronger.  I began taking an interest in the Fast & Furious movies when Fast Five was released.  The point at which I was hooked was the ending scene in Goa, India.  The feeling of love, belonging and peace was beautifully portayed by Brian, Mia, Dom and Elena.  I've snapped a few pictures from that scene that will be a lasting part of my memory for the rest of my life.  I'll come back to this post later to make additional points.

Brian and Mia on the beach…

You know… I want another shot….

Yeah… No wagers, nobody else, just you and me once and for all…Are you sure you can handle the disappointment?….. Are you?….

All right O'Conner…. Let's see what you got….

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