Deep Quest Attempt – Success and Grand Failure

This quest is filled with my greatest triumphs thus far combined with a catastrophic failure.

The screenshot below shows significant strength levels at dungeon level 19.  I was faced with the Tall Orange Shielded Wraith and was able to beat him for the first time.  I decided to stay away from the Large Purple Potion because I did not want my spiritual and war attributes to be switched at this point in the game.

My confidence was flying high after my first Tall Orange Shielded Wraith defeat, so I decided to take a chance on a Golden Magic Door.  Thankfully my spiritual power was at maximum capacity (99), and for the first time I was able to defeat the Golden Door.  After defeating the Golden Door several times in this quest, I realized every Golden Door protects the Midas Spell Book, which turns treasures & war weapons platinum at your feet.

I decided to take a quick stapshot of my impressive stats at level 30.  The only pieces missing were to get up to 199 war strength and find the Super Power Purple Spiritual Ring.

It was at level 41 where I decided to drink the Small Purple Potion to make myself invisible from all monsters (except the Minotaur).  I did this mainly in the interest of time.  So, this quest automatically disqualifies me from the perfect quest, but as you’ll read on, the perfect quest may very well be unattainable.

I was finally presented with the Super Power Purple Spiritual Ring, which completed my Spiritual and War armor attributes.

This next screenshot shows my complete statistics after I used the Super Power Purple Spiritual Ring.  I was able to slice through every opponent and every magic door I faced for all 54 levels without any real threat of losing any of the battles.

I was so proud of this accomplishment, I decided to transport myself as quickly as I could to the 256th level, defeat the Minotaur and complete the quest.  Since I had the power of Special Vision book, I was able to quickly navigate the remaining levels, finding the ladder to the next levels quickly.  This next screenshot shows the entrance into the 256th level.

Feeling extremely happy with my accomplishment, I wanted to prove my character powers worthy by vanquishing every last living creature on the 256th level……  But, something was very different about this level, and if you look closely at my screenshot above, you’ll notice one glaring hole in my arsenal….  I was able to defeat one of the Minotaurs, but I was very surprised at the Minotaur’s strength – 200!  I had never seen a Minotaur with more than 100 strength in any of the higher levels, and since I purposely avoided every single monster I could between level 55 and 256, I was not able to gauge the monster power increases in between those levels.

I then attempted to defeat a Purple Dragon, and I feel the hole in my weapon arsenal was the reason for the ensuing disaster that was about to strike.  I attempted to destroy this Dragon with a 23 power spell book….. Not a good idea.  The Dragon has 226 strength!  I had never encountered a creature with that kind of strength.  The Dragon quickly reduced my Spiritual strength down to critical levels and at every attempt I could, I was using my retreat option.  I was unsure if it was going to work, and thankfully I was able to retreat with just a single point of Spiritual strength left…..  I rested, which brought my Spiritual strength back up 99.  Decision point……  Do I re-attempt the melee with my 99 Crossbow?  Maybe I would be able to cut down the Dragon.  Heck with it, let’s give it a try…….

Big, Big mistake……My Crossbow was not effective enough.  The Dragon took my Spiritual strength down before I was able to slay the Dragon or retreat.  It was one of the biggest failures I’ve ever had playing this game.  I was reincarnated (or banished) to the corner of the dungeon with only the 23 power spell book in my right hand and the platinum shield in my left hand.  I was crushed…. I knew I could find the remaining Tarmin treasure from defeating the first Minotaur on the level to finish the game, but this banishment tarnished the success of this quest.

After I picked up the Tarmin treasure, the next screenshot shows proof that I lost all of the treasure that I had collected (over 25,000) through 50+ levels….

But, this quest gave me insight into the ability to accomplish a perfect game of Treasure of Tarmin.  At the moment, I’m feeling like it may be impossible.  Reason:  The 226 power Dragon required the most powerful spell book (65).  But the Purple Spell Book breaks often, and to be able to defeat monsters of this strength, one would potentially need two or three of these books in their pack, along with two or three Small Blue Potions to refresh the character’s strength attributes during the melee.

The resources I just described are scarce, and to have them readily available in quantity for potentially dozens and dozens of nasty monsters with over 200 strength each is nearly impossible.

So, this quest leaves me with some open-ended questions:

At what point do the monsters get this powerful?
What would a Tall Orange Shielded Wraith’s power level be at these levels?  Since I was banished, I avoided every monster I could and was not able to engage with any other monster.
How long could I have continued ripping through monsters after level 54? Another 10 to 20 levels?  Would the

lower power spell books not be enough to defeat the monsters at that level?  Would I need to begin relying on 65 power level spell books?

Maybe at some point I’ll be able to address these questions, but for now I am giving everyone an open invitation to attempt to definitively answer these questions and post a response.  Thanks for reading!



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