Temple Run 2 Stocking Christmas Item Discovered

Another Christmas item discovered: Stocking!

xmas2 xmas2a

Temple Run 2 Mask Artifacts Discovered

As promised, a new quest to discover all Temple Run 2 Mask Artifacts has begun.  BTW – Did you notice how cool the water slide is?  Did you also notice you can dunk under the water – and dunk under gems? (not that you’d want to – but fun to know).

My first artifact mask: Face of the Idol (which just so happens to be last on the list of 10)


Notice the location of the Mask Artifacts in the Artifacts section:


The newly discovered mask now shows up in the Masks section (much the same behavior as the Rings):


Notice the description of the Mask? “Grants wishes, for a price.”  Do you think this is a teaser for a potential future power?


Temple Run 2 Level 9 COMPLETE – FINALLY!!!

Imangi has just released their 1.6 update to Temple Run 2, and I would agree – it is a significant update.  With the update, and one subsequent run, the application immediately registered two objectives:

1. Temple Runner
2. Mega Runner


This allowed Level 9 to be completed officially, and I received a 9000 coin bonus for doing so (and being patient…)


As you can imagine…. many more updates to follow – keep checking back Temple Runners!!