Temple Run 2 Demon Skull Mask Artifact Discovered

Temple Run 2 Mask Artifact 6 discovered: Demon Skull!


Mask Description:


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Oh, and by the way – it’s about this point in the process where duplicates are happening…



Temple Run 2 Mask Artifacts Discovered

As promised, a new quest to discover all Temple Run 2 Mask Artifacts has begun.  BTW – Did you notice how cool the water slide is?  Did you also notice you can dunk under the water – and dunk under gems? (not that you’d want to – but fun to know).

My first artifact mask: Face of the Idol (which just so happens to be last on the list of 10)


Notice the location of the Mask Artifacts in the Artifacts section:


The newly discovered mask now shows up in the Masks section (much the same behavior as the Rings):


Notice the description of the Mask? “Grants wishes, for a price.”  Do you think this is a teaser for a potential future power?


Temple Run 2 Level 9 COMPLETE – FINALLY!!!

Imangi has just released their 1.6 update to Temple Run 2, and I would agree – it is a significant update.  With the update, and one subsequent run, the application immediately registered two objectives:

1. Temple Runner
2. Mega Runner


This allowed Level 9 to be completed officially, and I received a 9000 coin bonus for doing so (and being patient…)


As you can imagine…. many more updates to follow – keep checking back Temple Runners!!


Temple Run 2 All Ring Artifacts Discovered!

Here’s a recap of the tireless work to complete the discovery of all Temple Run 2 Ring Artifacts.  Have a look at the artifacts and all their glory here.  Interesting thought – Wouldn’t it be cool if we could place all ten rings on one of the Temple Run 2 character’s fingers and turn them into the Mandarin?  LOL – now you’re just talking crazy….  because eventually Tony Stark would hunt you down and find out you are just a facade to the real Mandarin who will eventually cut Tony’s suit in half with his Extremis infused hands, but get blown to bits by Extremis Pepper Pots.  Uh… spoiler alert?

ring-artifacts-completed1 ring-artifacts-completed2 ring-artifacts-completed3

Editorial Review:
While I can understand the randomness of the artifact collection process Imangi put together, I feel they could have easily created an intelligent, progressively difficult collection methodology, requiring the runs to be longer and more perfect.  And, it wouldn’t hurt to drop a few clues in the achievement and objectives.  Rather than just displaying “Hidden” with no explanation, there could be a small “i” information icon displaying hints/clues for the adventurers to focus their attention on in subsequent runs.

Feature request: If Imangi is reading the early reactions to the artifacts, they’ll notice gamers asking – “What do the artifacts do?”.  Great question.  To steal a term from Bloons Tower Defense – “Activated Ability”.  The Abilities framework is already in place.  It wouldn’t be difficult to either add another “Artifact Ability” to the abilities section, or enhance current abilities by ‘turning on’ specific artifact powers.

Post your thoughts, would love to hear your feedback!
Also, I’d really like to get feedback on how many of you have collected two or more artifacts in a single run.  How many did you collect and which ones were they?

In case you missed it, this fantastic quest started here.  Enjoy!

** Also, be sure to vote for your favorite feature release for the next update of Temple Run 2! **