Temple Run 2 No Challenges This Week?

Wait a minute – what’s going on here?  No challenges this week?  Is everyone else getting this same message?  Has Imangi given us a reprieve just before the new year?  Is this a thank you for all of our hard work in 2013?


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Personally, I think the challenge to close out the year should have been so one of a kind outrageous, it would yield a huge treasure and secret bonus!!!!

What do you guys think?  What would have been outrageous, yet achievable?

Temple Run 2 All Christmas Items Discovered!

Now that I’ve collected all of the Christmas Artifacts, I’ve unlocked the Christmas hat!

xmas5b xmas5a

Simply click on the hat to place it on your runner.


Try it on for size!


Looking good Montana!


So, what was your favorite feature of the 1.6 update?  What feature(s) do you think were left out that should have been added?


Temple Run 2 All Mask Artifacts Discovered

So, here they are, in all of their benign glory 😉

All 10 Mask Artifacts.  So, how did I do it so quickly?  If you’ve been reading this blog, you would have come up with the answer before me.  In short, keep your runs short (< 3000 meters) and rotate your characters often.  I found several unique artifacts in the sub-500 meter range!  Yes, Imangi must be getting soft on us…  But, that’s fine by me right about now 🙂

mask10a mask9a


Time for me to finish up the Christmas Artifacts 🙂