Temple Run 2 Valentine’s Day Heart Hat Unlocked!

After collecting the final Valentine’s Day Artifact, I unlocked the Heart Hat – and wow, is it special 😉

Of course I have to wear it now!!!


How else can I defame such a world class athlete such as Usain Bolt!?!?!


Of course I had to play him and watch as Usain makes a fool of himself in this hat…..

tr2valday16 tr2valday18

At one point I felt Usain say STOP – ENOUGH – PLEASE LET ME JUMP OFF THIS CLIFF!!!! …..


/02/tr2valday19.png" width="360" height="640" srcset="http://avanteideas.com/just4fun/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/tr2valday19.png 360w, http://avanteideas.com/just4fun/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/tr2valday19-168x300.png 168w, http://avanteideas.com/just4fun/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/tr2valday19-84x150.png 84w" sizes="(max-width: 360px) 100vw, 360px" />


So, what did you think of this incredible new Valentine’s Day Artifact release?

Temple Run 2 Statistics

I checked out my statistics recently, and found them to be pretty impressive.  I haven’t taken long runs lately since I’m all caught up on my challenges and achievements.  How far are you in comparison?


Check out that multiplier – 70X!

The high score, longest run, most coins and most gems were achieved with ~4 or 5 save me’s.


I’m a bit of a Gem and Coin miser… I’m hoping at some point Imangi comes out with a challenge or character or ability which might cost 1 Million Coins or 1000 Gems…. Would you purchase a character or special ability for that much hard earned loot?  Take the poll below!