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Temple Run 2 Update 1.16 – New Objectives!

With the 1.16 update to Template Run 2 we see two new objectives added:

Fox Trot: Run 50,000 meters with Scarlett Fox
Photojournalist: Run 50,000 meters with Maria Selva


I was hoping that with the completion of these two simple objectives a new level or bonus would be revealed… Was I right?  Read on….

I started with the Maria Selva challenge – no problem!


Oh – check out the bug in the software – The check for Infinifunner was blinking – I wish!


Next I completed the Scarlett Fox challege – again, no sweat!


Sadly, no new challenge or bonus was revealed with the completion of the latest challenges.  I guess I'll just have to "re-complete" the Infinirunner challenge to see if Level 11 exists!!!!

Temple Run 2 Update 1.12

As I mentioned in the previous post, it has been a while since I last updated the Temple Run 2 posts on this blog primarily due to  my own arrogance and stupidity – but let's not focus on the negative shall we…

The 1.12 update to Temple Run 2 brings several fun updates worth discussing.  First of all, I wanted to make mention the football character updates prior to 1.12 were nice, but in my opinion, not worth a dollar each…. Nice try Imangi, but I'm not ready to spend a dollar per new character.  Not sure who would or should be for that matter….

One of the most interesting features of the 1.12 update is the individual reward for every artifact discovered – even for duplicate artifacts!  Nice.


As you can see, I had a poop-ton of duplicate artifacts when my app was updated and I took this stapshot.  Also, just to note – I just recently caught up with re-collecting all of the artifacts in this game.  Just to put things into perspective, it took well over 1,000 games and nearly 5 MILLION meters to collect every artifact.  Why?  Ask Imangi.  Could it be because Imangi wants you to keep playing this game because of all the moitization in the game???  That brings up another general point Imangi and many other mobile application developers have figured out – keep the customer incentivized to return.  If you allow the customer to complete the achievements too quickly, the software developers are leaving money on the table…. A terrible thought to consider, but it is reality.  There is absolutely no incentive for a software developer to allow you to win without getting something in return – subtly of course…. sinister….


Temple Run 2 Reboot…

It's been a while since I've posted anything on this site.  I'll give you one hint as to why it has been so long…….


So, I guess I deserve this……  All it took for me to lose the last year of progress on this game was a series of carelessly constructed events along with a poorly crafted Apple iOS 8 software upgrade process….

Yes, you guessed it – I allowed myself to get screwed by the Apple iOS 8 upgrade…..  I (the IT guy..) did not have a backup of my phone prior to starting the upgrade….I was in a rush that day….. I didn't think anything would go wrong…. I put my trust in one of the largest software development companies on the planet…. I was connected to my WORK VPN (potential root cause) at the time of the upgrade…. I did not have iCloud turned on….

Yeah… fun times…. I lost everything on my phone that day…. hundreds of photos, all my settings and app configurations… thoroughly defeating… And, yes, if I spent enough time pouring through Apple support threads, speaking to Apple support, and going to the Apple Genius Bar, I assume someone would have been able to save the settings, but I needed my phone for work that morning… Yeah, in simple terms – it sucked….

And, what was I most upset about throughout this whole ordeal?  You got it, not the loss of the hundreds of photos, not the loss of my application settings…. the loss of my Temple Run 2 settings was catastrophic….  But, did this deter me from getting back to my achievements??  In my subsequent posts you'll get that answer… But for now, I'd love to hear about how many other people also had iOS 8 upgrade issues….

Did you have an iOS 8 upgrade failure?

Temple Run 2 4th of July Hot Dog Artifact Discovered!

My fifth and final 4th of July Artifact discovered was the Hot Dog!!


Like I promised in my previous post, here is my ‘not so exact science’ method for collecting artifacts quicker:

Take the shortest runs you can possibly take if the first Power Up is NOT an Artifact Chest… In other words – “Die” as quickly as you can if the Artifact Chest is not the first Power Up. This forces the Artifact Chest to present itself earlier in subsequent games. This is not an exact science, but it helped me with this round of Artifact discovery….. Until Imangi reads this post and decides to quietly change the logic….

And, you bet I unlocked that fantastic Uncle Sam hat!


Oh, what a sight to see it on our daring adventures…. wha…whaaa!


What did you think of this holiday’s Artifacts?

Temple Run 2 4th of July Flag Artifact Discovered!

My fourth 4th of July Artifact discovered was the Flag!  Like I mentioned in the previous post, I think I have a better method for collecting artifacts quicker…. again, still testing, but I will post the strategy here.  What do you think the 4th artifact in the series will be?  Any coincidence that the 4th artifact is the last one to show up??

F4-1 F4-2