Temple Run 2 Floating Island Artifact Discovered!

Well, how about that – I just made a run with Scarlett Fox and I uncovered the Floating Island Artifact just before the 6,000 meter mark.  I kept running to see if I would uncover another artifact in the same run in double the distance, but after 14,000 meters without another artifact turning up, I decided to end the hunt.  Below are the screenshots.  What are you finding?  Are you noticing the need to switch between characters to get the next artifact?  Post a response below!

scarlett-fox-1 scarlett-fox-2 scarlett-fox-3 scarlett-fox-4 scarlett-fox-5

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By the way – Does anyone know what the Red Exclamation Point indicates next to the Floating Island Artifact?

Update: Barry Bones on the move.  Read the Sky Clasp Artifact discovery!

Temple Run 2 Artifacts Discovered!

With the 1.5 release of Temple Run 2 comes the Artifacts challenge!  Immediately after getting this update, I proceeded to make a run to find out – “how do I ‘discover’ these artifacts?”.  After a couple of runs under 10,000 meters, I didn’t find anything.  I then made a third attempt and found my first ‘treasure chest’ at around the 11,500 meter mark.  The treasure chest was in the same position as any power up would be.  The right timing allows you to pick it up just the same.  The screenshots below show the discovery after I died.  Sorry – I was not able to get a screenshot of the treasure chest before I picked it up – maybe next time!

From the looks of the Artifacts section in the game, it looks like Imangi has a full artifact release schedule setup.  And, as you can see from the screenshots, new objectives come with the Artifact challenges.  Great job Imangi!

artifact1 artifact1-2 artifact1-3 artifact1-4


Update: Uh-oh…. I just ran over 22,000 meters with Usain Bolt and NO ARTIFACTS available… I have a feeling only the “real treasure hunters” can uncover artifacts.  More to follow……

Update 2: Second run with Guy Dangerous, 13,300 meters, no artifacts.  Could it be that each character has to find one each before the same character can find a second?  More to follow…..

Update 3: Just discovered a new artifact with Scarlett Fox.

** Also, be sure to vote for your favorite feature release for the next update of Temple Run 2! **

Temple Run 2 High Score No Save Me!

So, I just received my new iPhone 5s and wanted to see how far I could run in Temple Run 2 without using a Save Me with the new ‘no lag’ experience.  First, let me say – there is still slight lag.  The 5s isn’t perfect in that respect.  But, the lag may be from Cellular and WiFi turned on.  To reduce lag on the iPhone 4, I would turn off all communications, including bluetooth.  I will try that for my next long run attempt.  But, my first attempt at Temple Run 2 on the 5s brought me a score of over 23 Million.  So, I did some searching and found the current record to be over 49 Million.  So, I’m throwing the challenge back out there.  Over the coming days, I will attempt a few more long runs and post them back here if I beat my first attempt.  If you’d like to get in on the challenge, connect with me on Game Center.  My nickname is: Secret Spy.  Have fun!

BTW – I just SMASHED my person best record – Have a look: http://avanteideas.com/just4fun/temple-run-2-personal-best/


Temple Run 2 High Wire Glitch

Don’t you just love when you are having a great game in Temple Run 2, the millions are racking up, you’re dodging, weaving, jumping perfectly, collecting powerups, not stumbling, swinging high…. but maybe too high…. high and dry…. then just like that…. your game is…. over….  Since I make it a point to not use a Save Me after a lag death or glitch, I didn’t use one, but I wonder what would have happened if I did here…. Ever try it?  What happened for you?


Temple Run 2 Usain Bolt is the Most Powerful Character

I’ve you’ve purchased every character in Temple Run 2, you’ll know there is no “ability” differences between the characters (If Imangi is reading carefully, they will find a subtle hint for a wish list item there…….) until now.

With the introduction of the Usain Bolt brings the introduction of the new “Bolt” ability -which can only be used by the Usain Bolt character.  Thus the reason for many gamers, including me, to justify purchasing the Usain Bolt character.  Again, if Imangi is reading this, they should have several new ideas on how to increase the “in-app purchase conversion rate” by expanding on this feature release.

Once purchased, gamers will find Usain’s Bolt ability, when activated, allows the character to utilize two powerup capabilities at the same time – BOOST and COIN MAGNET.  Thus allowing the Usain Bolt character to collect more coins throughout the game than any other character.

Since I’ve been playing Temple Run 2 on an iPhone 4 with iOS7, I chronically experience lag death, so I have yet to beat my own high score – mainly based on the principle: I refuse to used a Save Me resulting from a Lag Death.  But once my iPhone 5s arrives, I’m sure I’ll crush my high score.

Here are the screenshots of Usain Bolt’s maxed out ability and Boost/Magnet action:



Let me know what you’ve found – and your high score w/ Usain Bolt!


Temple Run 2 Challenges Complete List in Graphical Mode

In response to a recent comment, I screen captured all challenges and created a single graphical list of all 49 completed challenges for version 1.4.1 of Temple Run 2.  Notice the progress bar for Level 9 is only “half complete”.  I think this is a bug which occurs when you complete an unbalanced amount of challenges between levels.  I’ve been unable to confirm this, but an example would be if you completed challenges after the more time consuming challenges like: Minor Miner, 5 Million Club, Circumnavigator, Gold Miner, Midas Touch and Infinirunner.  This can routinely happen, and my guess is that the progress bar gets screwed up when interpreting the challenges in the order completed.  I highly doubt there is a “level 10” in this version of the game.  But, I would assume if you were able to complete all of the challenges in exact order, the progress bar would be 100% by the very last set of challenges.  I’m interested in knowing what you think.


Temple Run Level 9 Complete But Not Really

With the 1.4.1 version update of Temple Run 2, five new challenges became available.

  1. Daily Dose – Completed a Daily Challenge
  2. A Week’s Work – Completed all Weekly Challenges
  3. Daily Doses – 5 consecutive Daily Challenges
  4. Daily Dozen – 12 consecutive Daily Challenges
  5. Weakly Challenged – Completed a Weekly Challenge

So, like a good student… I diligently completed all of the new challenges (no sooner than the 12 days required by ‘Daily Dozen’ (thanks so much Imangi….).  To my surprise…. after finishing the last of the challenges, Temple Run 2 crashed (like normal), then the app made an incremental increase to the Level 9 progress bar, which had previously been completed based on the already complete Infinirunner challenge.

So, what are we left with?  That is a great question.  It appears there is no Level 10 yet, and the application continues to retain glitches around the challenges accomplished and levels of achievements.  Review the following screenshots and give me your feedback.

daily-weekly level9incomplete


BTD5 Random Missions – The End Game

Since I’ve beaten every normal game on every level of difficulty (including reverse) and every special mission in Bloons Tower Defense, I began to focus on the Random Missions.  I’ve since come to realize that the Random Missions in Bloons Tower Defense 5 are the only real challenge for advanced play.



I’ve beaten over 100 of the 250 Random Missions thus far, and many of them are pretty easy to beat, but there are several that have grown to be attempts resulting in Epic failures.  This post will detail some of the best challenges I’ve faced through the 250 mission siege.  Below is a great example of a Random Mission that requires the appropriate tower defense with well calculated timing to successfully complete.


I’d love to hear about some of your experiences with Random Missions.  How far have you gotten?  How many achievements have you earned as a result?  Post some screenshots!  Have a good one!

Bloon Tower Defense 5 – Death Valley Hard SOLVED

Yes, you knew Death Valley – the last of the expert maps in Bloon Tower Defense 5, on Hard was going to be tough…. How tough?  Let me frame it out for you…..

Before starting this map, I did the following:

  1. Built up my cash to over $2,500 (playing various Easy and Medium difficulty maps)
  2. Purchased the following upgrads in the Monkey Lab:
    1. Popping Power = Level 8/8
    2. Attack Speed = 6/8
    3. Starting Cash = 2/8
    4. Starting Lives = 4/8
    5. Sell Price = 2/8
    6. Big Bloon Sabotage = 7/8
    7. Ability Cooldown = 1/8
  3. Made the following Special Agent purchases:
    1. Radadactyl = 4
    2. Tribal Turtle = 6
    3. Meerkat Spy = 2
    4. Bloonberry Bush = 4

When I started the map, I laid out my Special Agents as seen below.  The first purchase I made was a Banana Farm, then a Monkey Village.  I then began placing towers tight to the Monkey Village.  I then purchased another Banana Farm and Monkey Village to continue balancing my defense.  I knew I had to stack the short side map heavily and as quickly as possible.

As it turned out, I had to use a $500 cash infusion FOUR TIMES before I could beat this map.

Lessons learned: I should have used several additional Special Agents to start the map.  Also, I should have setup a Monkey Village in the lower right corner of the map sooner. Because of the limited tower placement availability, there is no way to avoid building up the lower right corner of the map.





Great map, great challenge… what a pain in the rear!  Enjoy!

Temple Run 2 TEN MILLION Meters Level 9 COMPLETE

Well, I can now throw away the obsession with completing the 10 million meter objective.  Talk about an absolutely time consuming disproportionate challenge beyond all other challenges combined….. I FINALLY COMPLETED IT…….  I seriously don’t know how long or how much game time it took to accomplish it  It would be nice to be able to harvest that kind of statistic.  Maybe an idea for Imangi Studios…. It might also be nice to collect statistics like:
– Longest Run without using a Save Me (Done – Check out the Leaderboard section of the app)
– Average Meters per Game
– Highest Score using less than 50 gems (the vegetables reading this article knows that combination by heart [1,1,1,3,11,27])

So, anyway, here are the screenshots leading up to completing the challenge.  Hope you enjoy.  Let me know how far you are!

tr2-1 tr2-2 tr2-11 tr2-3
Notice on the screenshot below, I attempted to get as close as possible to 10,000,000 without going over (a-la Galaga style…. [another comment only true arcade vegetables understand]…)
tr2-4 tr2-5 tr2-6 tr2-7 tr2-8 tr2-9