Random Mission From HELL!!!

Continuing on my quest to complete all 250 random missions of Bloons Tower Defense 5, I’ve run across some incredibly challenging missions.  So much so, that I’ve had to use agents when possible to complete them.  At this point, I have over 190 random missions completed, and I will not stop until they are all complete.  Below is a screenshot from a deceiving random mission that continues to need increasing horse power to complete.  Normally, you’d find a single Dartling Gun with maximum upgraded capabilities (Ray of Doom or Bloon Area Denial System) to be enough through 85 rounds, but this challenge took nearly a dozen maximum strength Dartling Guns, along with more than a dozen other maximum strength towers to complete.  Have a look at the replay here: https://everyplay.com/videos/1403659


Temple Run 2 All Ring Artifacts Discovered!

Here’s a recap of the tireless work to complete the discovery of all Temple Run 2 Ring Artifacts.  Have a look at the artifacts and all their glory here.  Interesting thought – Wouldn’t it be cool if we could place all ten rings on one of the Temple Run 2 character’s fingers and turn them into the Mandarin?  LOL – now you’re just talking crazy….  because eventually Tony Stark would hunt you down and find out you are just a facade to the real Mandarin who will eventually cut Tony’s suit in half with his Extremis infused hands, but get blown to bits by Extremis Pepper Pots.  Uh… spoiler alert?

ring-artifacts-completed1 ring-artifacts-completed2 ring-artifacts-completed3

Editorial Review:
While I can understand the randomness of the artifact collection process Imangi put together, I feel they could have easily created an intelligent, progressively difficult collection methodology, requiring the runs to be longer and more perfect.  And, it wouldn’t hurt to drop a few clues in the achievement and objectives.  Rather than just displaying “Hidden” with no explanation, there could be a small “i” information icon displaying hints/clues for the adventurers to focus their attention on in subsequent runs.

Feature request: If Imangi is reading the early reactions to the artifacts, they’ll notice gamers asking – “What do the artifacts do?”.  Great question.  To steal a term from Bloons Tower Defense – “Activated Ability”.  The Abilities framework is already in place.  It wouldn’t be difficult to either add another “Artifact Ability” to the abilities section, or enhance current abilities by ‘turning on’ specific artifact powers.

Post your thoughts, would love to hear your feedback!
Also, I’d really like to get feedback on how many of you have collected two or more artifacts in a single run.  How many did you collect and which ones were they?

In case you missed it, this fantastic quest started here.  Enjoy!

** Also, be sure to vote for your favorite feature release for the next update of Temple Run 2! **

Temple Run 2 Cave’s Maw Artifact Discovered!

Well, it took dozens of attempts, with no real rhyme or reason, but I was able to collect my final ring artifact – the Cave’s Maw Artifact (8th in the list of 10) near the 15,000 meter mark using Barry Bones.  Continued attempts was the only thing that worked for me.  I kept cycling through characters after every attempt.  I’m not sure if cycling through the characters helped me collect the final artifact quicker, but I’m glad the objective is complete!  No huge surprise – even though I completed this objective, the Level 9 progress bar still remains incomplete for me.  Again, not sure if this is just a bug, or if this is intentionally done by Imangi.  If they’d only speak up…. (I’ve contacted their support and asked this question directly, but no response yet).  Meanwhile, have a look at the Cave’s Maw Artifact!

caves-maw1 caves-maw2 caves-maw3 caves-maw5 caves-maw4

Temple Run 2 Ruby Shard Artifact Discovered!

Well, it took several attempts after the last artifact to collect my second to last unique ring artifact, but I collected the Ruby Shard Artifact using Montana Smith just shy of the 20,000 meter mark without a Save Me.  What I noticed in my failed previous attempts was that I used Save Me’s to get to the 20K meter mark, and my result was either an artifact that I had previously collected, or no artifact at all.  So, I can’t be positive about the experience thus far, could it be that the remaining unique artifacts only come from a run without using a Save Me?  More information to follow, but for now, enjoy the Ruby Shard Artifact screen shots!

ruby-shard1 ruby-shard2 ruby-shard3 ruby-shard4


That’s right – just one more to go 🙂

Just curious – has anyone stuck with a run long enough to collect two or more artifacts?  If so, roughly how long in between collection points?  Post a response!  Thank you!

Also, it seems like I am in ‘Artifact Duplicate Hell’ at the moment.  I’ve been cycling through Temple Run 2 characters, making runs and collecting the first artifact, but they have been duplicates of the ones I’ve already collected.  It appears the last artifact (number 8 in the list of 10) is evading me…  Has anyone had any luck in getting the 8th one on the list?  If so, tell us what it is 🙂  It would be nice if Imangi’s artifact discovery algorithm gave some kind of preferential disposition to the undiscovered artifacts….  So far, it doesn’t seem that way…..

Update – FINALLY COMPLETE – Have a look at the Cave’s Maw Artifact!


Temple Run 2 Idol’s Curse Artifact Discovered!

OK, I just got done with a lengthy run with Karma Lee.  It took me just past the 34,000 meter mark to collect the Idol’s Curse Artifact, but I did it – without using a Save Me.  It is unclear to me if using a Save Me would have hindered this artifact from appearing – need more data before I can qualify/disqualify that notion.  But, an interesting point to note – I had just collected two artifacts before with two different Temple Run 2 characters at the 10K and 20K marks respectively.

Is it possible that if sequential, successful attempts are made, the distance to the artifact becomes approximately 10,000 meters longer than the previous?  And, is it possible that a couple of unsuccessful attempts, the distance counter resets to approximately 10,000?  Interesting… Not sure if that is valid.  Send me your thoughts!  For now, here are the screenshots of the Idol’s Curse Artifact!

idols-curse1 idols-curse2 idols-curse3 idols-curse4 idols-curse5


Guess what – the Ruby Shard Artifact is next!

Temple Run 2 Mystic Rocks Artifact Discovered!

I just used Barry Bones to help me discover the Mystic Rocks Artifact just under the 8,000 meter mark.  So, consistent with the previous post, the distance between collecting artifacts does appear to alternate between the 10K and 20K meter marks.  Here are the screen shots of the Mystic Rocks Artifact.

mystic-rocks1 mystic-rocks2 mystic-rocks3 mystic-rocks4


Curious to know what the final rings will be?  Me too 🙂

Update – Idol’s Curse is next!

Temple Run 2 Twisted Root Artifact Discovered!

Scarlett Fox just helped me discover the Twisted Root Artifact just before the 17,000 meter mark.  I think I’m beginning to see a pattern here.  Could it be that only the FIRST FOUR Temple Run 2 characters (Guy Dangerous, Scarlett Fox, Barry Bones, and Karma Lee) can uncover artifacts?  (Someone please prove me wrong here from the little data I’ve collected thus far).  And, the distance in discovering artifacts alternates between approximately 10,000 meters and 20,000 meters.  Time will tell here… Have a look at the Twisted Root!

twisted-root1 twisted-root2 twisted-root3 twisted-root4


The blip in the data I have thus far is my run with Francisco Montoya.  I had to get to nearly 30,000 meters, and the artifact he collected was a duplicate of one I already had.  Not sure what that tells me at the moment…


Temple Run 2 Demon Claw Artifact Discovered!

After unsuccessful attempts at collecting artifacts with Francisco Montoya, Zack Wonder, Montana Smith and Usain Bolt, I decided to circle back around to Guy Dangerous, and guess what – I was able to collect the Demon Claw Artifact just before the 9,500 meter mark.  This tells us that not only can one Temple Run 2 character find multiple different kinds of artifacts, the single run distance to collect an artifact is not ‘progress’ or cumulative in nature.  Which is a very good thing.  Not sure how many people would be happy trying to chase down artifacts by needing to run over 50K+ meters each time.  I need more data to see if there is a visible pattern or trend to better predict when an artifact will present itself.  Have a look at the Demon Claw below!

demon-claw1 demon-claw2 demon-claw3 demon-claw4


By the way – I don’t want to spoil it, but the Twisted Root Artifact is next!

Temple Run 2 Infinite Loop Artifact Discovered!

I just completed a run with Karma Lee, and here again, I collected another artifact just before the 20,000 meter mark.  This time it was the Infinite Loop Artifact.  Are you finding that each Temple Run 2 character will uncover a unique artifact?  Have you seen the same character uncover more than one artifact in the same run?  If so, roughly how many meters in between artifact discoveries?  Is it possible a single Temple Run 2 character will only uncover a specific kind of artifact?  Or, can the same character uncover multiple different kinds?  Many, many questions… Let’s hear your response!

infinite-loop1 infinite-loop2 infinite-loop3 infinite-loop4

And, it does look like the Red Exclamation Point is there just to indicate the most recent artifact discovered.

Update – I just made a run with Francisco Montoya, and it took until the 29,500 meter mark to get an artifact, but the artifact was an Angel Wings Artifact, which I already acquired.  That was a very long run for a duplicate!  How far have you ran without getting an artifact?  Wondering if the algorithm for artifact frequency makes the length between discoveries longer, the more artifacts are collected.

Besides objectives, do you think artifacts will unlock any secret character powers?  Imangi?  Care to respond?

Update –  I just made a run of over 42,000 meters with Zack Wonder without an artifact showing up…. Wondering if there is some truth to the idea around only ‘true explorers’ will find an artifact…..

Update – Well, you’d think that Montana Smith would have found an artifact… Not when I tried – I ran over 54,000 meters (on three Save Me’s) without finding an artifact.  What is the deal??  I wonder if using Save Me’s reduces the possibility of finding an artifact.  Hope not!  I’d hate to have to run 50,000+ meters without using a Save Me to be eligible to find my next artifact!!!!

Last update on this post – Guy Dangerous is at it again – Check out the Demon Claw!


Temple Run 2 Sky Clasp Artifact Discovered!

I just made a run with Barry Bones, and I was able to pick up the Sky Clasp Artifact just before the 20,000 meter mark (yes – I was getting concerned that I missed the treasure chest, and more concerning – am I going to need to run 20,000+ meters to get the next artifact??).  But, there it was, just before the 20K meter mark.  Below are the screenshots of the result.

sky-clasp-1 sky-clasp-2 sky-clasp-3 sky-clasp-4 sky-clasp-5

Curiously, the Red Exclamation Point is now on my ‘current artifact’, and not the previous one I selected.  This must be by design, but not sure what the significance of the Red Exclamation Point is in the first place.

Be sure to check out the next post – Karma Lee and the Infinite Loop Artifact!