Bloon Tower Defense 5 – Impoppable Strategy

After playing the BTD5 Impoppable mode for a while now….. it occurs to me there is an advanced strategy many gamers may overlook when attempting to beat Impoppable mode without the assistance of Special Agents.

By having the Level 4 Specialist Building activated, most maps can be beaten in Impoppable mode.  I say ‘most’ because maps like Death Valley are very difficult on their own – with all towers available.  When you are only given 4 towers to select from, the task becomes pathetically impossible.

Here is an example of an Impoppable mode map with a tower placement strategy that works for 84 rounds, but falls way short for round 85 (with 5 ZOMG):


So… what can be done?  Out of cash at this point, right?  The trick here is to know your tower’s “Activated Ability”.  In this case, the “First Strike Capability” of the Monkey Sub is all that is needed to completely wipe out the ZOMG.


So, the last question is – Do we have enough cash to purchase the First Strike Capability for five towers to match the five ZOMG?  Nope… just shy.  Even with the Level 4 Specialist Building activated for the Monkey Sub which saves 5% on the tower purchase and upgrades, I am still light on cash.  No worries, all that needs to be done is – be quick!  Start the round in normal speed mode, allow the ZOMG to enter the map, then knock four of the ZOMG off with the First Strike Ability.  Then, sell one of the four ‘used’ towers, then upgrade the last tower, hit the First Strike Ability – done!


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So…. easy, right!????

Have a better strategy?  Post your comment here.  Would love to hear it 🙂

Bloon Tower Defense 5 – 4 of a Kind Complete!

Here is an interesting strategy on the Clock map Impoppable mode which I thought should have been a piece of cake since I was given the Monkey Engineer with one of the easier expert maps.  As it turns out my strategy through 84 rounds was fine, but once the 5 ZOMGs came out on round 85, I had to rethink my tower strategy nearly 10 times before I beat the level!

Here was the original configuration that allowed me to blaze through 84 rounds with ‘money to spare’…..


Below is the humbled beginnings of the adjusted layout.  I forgot to realize the ZOMG path was around the outside of the map, rendering most of my interior towers ineffective….


I was finally able to beat the round by placing several Spike Factory and Juggernaut Dark Monkey towers around the perimeter.  Once the round started, I had to unleash targeted Spike Storms to finally beat the round!!!


Oh, and what do ya’ know – That was the last challenge left for me to complete the 4 of a Kind Achievement!


U bet!


Bloon Tower Defense 5 – Death Valley Impoppable Mode NOT POSSIBLE!!!!

Way back when, I posted a strategy for Death Valley for ‘standard’ mode with all towers available…. But, when attempting to beat Death Valley from the Daily Challenge Wheel with only four random towers available is seriously impossible without the use of Special Agents.  I would love to hear back from anyone that has successfully completed Death Valley, Impoppable mode without Special Agents.

As you’ll notice, I built up what I thought was the best defense with the majority of a single tower strategy:


But, when it came to round 85 (5 ZOMG!!!), I had to blow away my entire tower configuration and utilize Level 4 Phoenix Wizards across the board:


This turned out to be a ridiculous round where I had to sell one of my Bloonsday Devices mid way through the round, and replace it with a fully charged one to barely beat the round!  I seriously never want to go back to this map ever again!





Bloon Tower Defense 5 Daily Challenge Wheel

With the 2.9 update to Bloon Tower Defense 5, Ninja Kiwi has added the Daily Challenge Wheel.  This gives the die hard fans of BTD new life for combinations of challenges reminiscent of the Random Missions section of the game.


We now have the capability to choose the difficulty level for the daily challenge, along with time based achievement goals for the hard core fan.  You’ll notice I completed the Impoppable Mode Daily Challenge on the screenshots below.  I must say – having only four towers to complete An Impoppable Mode map is a very good challenge… strategy update to follow… 🙂



UPDATE………. OK, I give….. I’d like to be able to complete the Impoppable daily challenge WITHOUT Special Agents…. I have not been able to do it outside of the ONE time that you see above…. Well done Ninja Kiwi…. I concede…

Has ANYONE beaten the Impoppable daily challenge WITHOUT Special Agents with any success??  If so, I’d love for you to post your strategy here!

UPDATE – I’ve had the most success in beating the Impoppable Daily Challenge when the Monkey Engineer tower is part of the allowed four tower combinations.


Even with the Monkey Engineer available, you are not guaranteed a victory.  The other three available towers, along with the specific map can play a big factor in completing the Impoppable Daily Challenge without the use of Special Agents.  For instance, I was presented with the Monkey Engineer on the Impoppable Daily Challenge with the Double Double Cross map, and I could not not beat the challenge.  I successfully got through Round 84, but Round 85 with 5 ZOMG was too much (even with the Engineer Workshop Specialist Building Level 4 activated) given the limited tower selection and the four-way map exit and entry paths.

unpop-win1 unpop-win2

The above victories came at a severe time cost.  It is not uncommon to re-attempt rounds (more difficult rounds like: 63, 78, etc.) dozens of times before the right combinations of tower configuration is accomplished.

This leads me to a revelation – Did Ninja Kiwi go through any scenario testing process before rolling out the Daily Challenge feature?  It appears the Impoppable Daily Challenge combinations can randomly become absolutely impossible to complete without the use of Special Agents.  If there is anyone from the community – or Ninja Kiwi directly that can disprove my theory, please feel free to comment on this blog with facts.  The owner of this blog would be thrilled to be proven wrong…

Bloon Tower Defense 5 – Steeley Achievement COMPLETE!!!

Well, it has been a LONG TIME coming, but I finally completed the BTD5 Steeley achievement!

This achievement was the most time consuming achievement I’ve ever dealt with across any game I’ve ever played – and that is saying much too much….

For all of you who waited patiently for proof – here it is:


It was hard for me to imagine the Congratulations Splash screen ever popping up, so when it finally did, I was in stunned disbelief for a few moments.  I carefully took a snapshot of my screen, then fished the game…


Once complete, I took a final snapshot of the Achievement page.  Incredible…

What?  Did you think I was going to give away the images for free?  LOL!!!!  Nice try… If you’d like the images, you could either earn them, or pay me for them 🙂

It’s been a real pleasure blogging about the progress of this game.  At some point, I will go into greater detail about the psychology of this accomplishment so readers can get a better understanding of what really happened here…

Bloon Tower Defense 5 – Impoppable Mode Complete!

48 maps x 85 rounds (4080 rounds), ~15 minutes x 48 maps (12 hours!) later – Done!  But who is counting ?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!


Several of these maps were very challenging to complete on Impoppable mode.  I decided to use special agents (mostly the Bloonsday Device) to complete a few of the maps, including:

Advanced: Water Hazard
Advanced: The Great Divide
Expert: Down The Drain – This one BTW was Very, Very difficult!!!
Extreme: Bloontonium Lab – I used the special agent because it was my last map, and I have more monkey money than I know what to do with 🙂

All of this effort is going to fuel my insatiable quest for the Steeley Achievement….. getting closer now….

UPDATE – I also wanted to find out how far I could go on Impoppable mode, and if you are buying and setting up your tower correctly, you can get to a tipping point that will crush every round easily. In terms of how far my iPhone 5 will go without crashing the app – unclear. Maybe you could post how far you’ve gotten!

106-1 106-2

Absolute devastation is the name of the game 😉

A quick update – Advanced: Water Hazard

I was able to complete this map by carefully stacking towers in the center, them quickly building up tower sets on the left and right leg of the map.  I didn’t bother advancing any Monkey Village towers past 2/2.  I think that made the difference in getting through this map without the use of agents.

wh1 wh2


Bloons Tower Defense 5 Impoppable Update

Well, well, well – now this is more like it…. The folks at Ninja Kiwi are cranking up the heat for you serious balloon poppers.  The version 2.8 update to Bloons Tower Defense gives us a more intense mode called “Impoppable” to keep things exciting.

Fear not – if you have a solid method to complete maps on the Hard difficulty, you should still be able to manage successfully through Impoppable without working in special agents…. I say that right now because I’ve beaten several of the easier maps, but I have not yet tried the more difficult maps in Impoppable mode.  I’ll update this post later to let you know my progress on the more difficult maps…

btd5imp1 btd5imp2 btd5imp3 btd5imp4

You can probably guess my strategy – hey – still works for me! (so far)btd5imp6btd5imp5

*UPDATE – If you beat the “Water Hazard” Advanced Map without using special agents, I’d like to know how your tower layout ended up.  I had a lot of trouble with this map configuration while in Impoppable mode!


Bloon Tower Defense 5 Update 2.6 COMPLETE

Bloon Tower Defense 5 has been updated to release 2.6!


With the new update, we have two new maps available for us.

The first one – Lobby was easy, as expected.


I blew through this map and received the Olympian award quick and easy.


But, the second map – Down the Drain – Expert was a very, very tough map.  I was able to complete the map on Easy and Medium without any special agents, but I had to use a few high strength special agents on Hard to complete the map.  The truth is – I didn’t want to spend the time to accomplish the map without agents… maybe I’m getting soft…. maybe some other time….


Anyway – Great Expert map they just added – check it out and let me know if you could beat the map on Hard without Agents!