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Bloons Tower Defense 5 – Mastery Mode

Well, I have to hand it to Ninja Kiwi – they have outdone themselves with the skillset requirement to defeat Mastery Mode…..  Wow, I finally beat Mastery Mode on the MOST BASIC map – Monkey Lane using EASY GAME MODE…. I feel like a NOOB.  Mastery Mode has sent me back to that place…. wow….


So, from the looks of it, Mastery Mode increases the baloon strength for every baloon to +1 (Red becomes Blue, Blue becomes Green, and so on).  I think we've seen BTD5 throw that logic at us in some of the Random Missions – and I don't remember having this much trouble in the Random Missions.  But, anyway, I tried and tried and tried variation after variation of tower strategy with no success – until today.



I was able to beat Monkey Lane Easy in Mastery Game mode by starting with Engineering Workshop turned on, keeping (3,2) Monkey Engineers in place until round ~47, then I did a wholesale change out to a cluster of Ninja Warriors centered around a Monkey Village with the Ninja Academy turned on.


You'll notice my cluster configuration with the majority of (4,2) Ninja Warriors with ~5 or 6 (2,4) Ninja Warriors crowded around a (4,2) Monkey Village.  I was able to beat round 85 in FreePlay mode, but 86 was too much the layout I had to handle.


But, it wasn't up until just now that I realize I was making things a bit too hard on myself….. I was able to beat Mastery Mode without any further 'changes' to the game environment.  What I didn't realize – Mastery Mode brought forward additional LAB upgrades!!!!  I'll talk about that in my next post!  Enjoy!

Bloons Tower Defense 5 – Cloud Sync Profile – CAREFUL!

Wondering why the delay between my last BTD5 post????  Simple reason – I accidentally overwrote my locally stored game data with a BLANK/ZERO STARTING point cloud data!!!!  I wasn't being careful, and I had never bothered with the cloud icon under settings, so I never gave it much thought….. until I LOST my entire game history…….


It happened so fast, that even the warning message wasn't enough for me to stop and think about what I was doing…..


The confirmation screen is a little unassuming…… For those of us that have achieved a rank of 78, there should be a BIG RED FLASHING SCREEN WARNING OF THE BAZZILLION HOURS OF GAME PLAY ABOUT TO BE LOST UNLESS YOU HAVE A BACKUP!!!!!!!!

But, I digress, because luckily….. I did have a backup of my iPhone….  The only reason why I had a backup is because I upgraded my iPhone 5S to an iPhone 6S in October of 2015, so I made sure I had a – just in case backup.  Furthermore, the only reason why the empty iCloud game data overwrite happened was because I was tinkering with all the new iPhone 6S settings at the time.  I was amazed at how fast the phone was (is), how fast the app loaded, how quick the syncronization was… blah, blah.  And – oh let's try that BTD5 iCloud sync to see what that does – cool, I'll sync from left to right, then rigth to left……. wow – yeah, that was fast….. wait……. WHAT DID I JUST DO………. WHAT DID I JUST DO!!!??????  Well – IDIOT, you just synced your blank local game data to the rank 78 iCloud data, confirmed, then synced the blank iCloud data with your local – GREAT JOB!!!

I have to say, my eyes were about three feet wide at that point.  The only saving grace was that I knew I had a backup, but I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to get the data back.  And frankly, I did not have time, and I had already loaded so many other apps that I did not want to restore the phone again.

Luckily, I had a spare iPhone 5S that I did the restore on today (finally got around to it).  I synced the local game data to iCloud, then back down to my iPhone 6S.  


Phewwwww!  With all that now over, I can get back to posting some additional BTD5 updates!  Enjoy!

Bloons Tower Defense 5 – Knot Map Mastered!

With the 2.17 update to BTD5, we have a cool new ADVANCED map called knot – similar to the Advanced map "The Eye", but I like Knot better!



I tried the map on IMPOPPABLE mode – 


Again using my trusty Monkey Engineer to start.  By round 63, I added several Ninja Monkeys, then in the late rounds I added five Bloon Chippers.  I had to set the target of several towers to FIRST to ensure there was a good mix to beat the FIVE ZOMG bloons!  BOOM DONE!





Bloon Tower Defense 5 – Hacked!

This may be exposing a bit too much information to Ninja Kiwi, but I felt like writing about it for those folks who are constantly frustrated by restarting from scratch due difficult rounds in BTD5.  This may be a well known fact for many, and Ninja Kiwi may even be OK with this behavior – which is fine by me.  I'd much rather they allow this then prevent it from happening.

Here we go – this example is an Impoppable mode map – extreemly difficult and one that I wouldn't likely to be able to complete without the use of special agent.  So, here I am just before round 63, knowing I'm about to get crushed by the ceramics….


And, of course, I get smacked down hard… What to do to get another crack at it……..


Double tap the home button on iOS….. Swipe up to close the game out before touching any part of the game screen.


Restart the game as you would normally enter the game for the first time.


After the intro screen, select resume game….. and…….


You are back to where you started from before your failed attempt!  Enjoy!




Bloon Tower Defense – Wholesale Change Out

Have you ever gottent to a point in the BTD5 Daily Challenge and your tower investment and placement strategy just isn't enough to pass a more difficult round in the Hard or Impoppable mode?  What can you do without using special agents?  Well, beyond ensuring you have all your monkey lab abilities turned on, and your specialist building activated, there is a method I like to call the "Wholesale Change Out" of your current towers and placements to another available tower.

In the example below, you'll notice I have as many Dart Monkeys as I possibly could have purchased through 83 rounds of play, but unfortunately, the configurations I put together just could not sustain the brutal attack of round 84.  So… what to do…..


Wholesale Change Out time…..  Notice the amount of cash I have remaining….


The only other tower available to me to handle the final round requirement was the Super Monkey.  But, I could not afford the Temple of the Monkey God upgrade, so I had to purchase three of the Sun God upgrades and hope for the best.


Since this was the Hard mode, I only had to deal with 1 ZOMG and my Sun Gods were enough to hold on for a victory, but in Impoppable mode, this Sun Gods configuration would not be enough to deal with 5 ZOMG .  I would have to suppliment with two Super Monkey Storms to finish the challange.  I've noticed in many cases in Impoppable mode, the towers given simply are not enough to pass without the assistance of Special Agents!  But, if I have to spend $100 on Super Monkey Storms to get $750 back, then it isn't a bad trade 😉


Bloon Tower Defense 5 – Auto Round Start

With the 2.16 release of Bloon Tower Defense 5, Kiwi Ninja has added a new feature called "Auto Round Start".  This is a very handy tool to fly through rounds (provided you have the right tower defense prepared).  They released this tool along with a new beginner map called Sprint Track.  With Auto Round Start enabled, I was able to complete the Sprint Track Olympian trophy (all four maps) at least 20% quicker than my quickest dedicated heads down attempts with other maps.


The Auto Round Start feature is found in the settings section of any map.  The feature is disabled by default.  Enable it to try it out!


The prompt received after enablng Auto Round Start:


Easy Peasy Sprint Track 🙂


Crushed this map,and you will too!



Bloon Tower Defense 5 – Odyssey Mode!

With version 2.15 of Bloon Tower Defense 5, Ninja Kiwi has presented us with the new Odyssey Mode!  I had to try it out on HARD mode of course.

odyssey1 odyssey2 odyssey3 odyssey4

Notice how Odyssey HARD mode has FIVE maps in the journey.  Also, there are no new maps resulting from this update.  Check out the next post to see the result!


Bloon Tower Defense 5 – Centurion Achievement Complete!

It took a while, but I was finally able to complete the Centurion achievement!  I burned a lot of time focusing on the Impoppable Daily Challenges, so it took me longer to get this achievement completed.  In theory, I could have taken the cheap way out and completed the Easy and Medium challenges for 50 days in a row and been done in half the time or less.  But, being the stubborn perfectionist that I am, I needed to feel truly accomplished before completing this achievement.  So, here is the glorious proof!

cent1 cent2

Notice, I had significant success with the Impoppable mode.  There are several advanced strategies I will continue to post.  Have fun!