BTD5 Steeley Challenge – The Math

Expanding on a previous post for calculating the remaining effort to complete the BTD5 Steeley challenge, I’ve found credible information to suggest Lead Balloons do not appear in BTD5 after Round 75 (begging for someone to prove that data wrong, as you’ll see why).  Using the 75 Round assumption, you can see the math works out to be the following – even worse than my previous predictions…  Does anyone have any better information?


UPDATE – I ran through 75 rounds (Monkey Lane, Easy) as quickly as I could (barring life’s interruptions) and I’m confident in adjusting the completion time for 75 rounds down to 15 minutes.  So, the math becomes:


Regrettably, much more time than I care to invest to complete this challenge…. How far are you?

UPDATE – I decided to post my progress on the Steeley challenge.  I’ve not given up on it…. But, it still feels so very far away.  If I ever do finally get there, you know I will proudly post the badge on this site!


I estimated my completion date based on the previous date progress.  If I get super ambitious, I just might finish early.  You’ll have to wait and see — or beat me to it…

UPDATE – Since the introduction of the Impoppable map mode, I’ve narrowed down my completion window significantly.  I also show how I arrived at my “Estimated Completion Date”.  Let me know how far you are!


Another interesting method of accelerated lead balloon destruction – Deflation Mode… Maybe, just maybe, it might save time to use Deflation mode, starting at round 30, setting up your towers once, then lasting through round 75.  When I do this, I typically can hold out through round 83, but fail at 84.  Can you get farther than round 84 in Deflation mode?  If so, post a strategy!  Thank you!

deflation 250w, 150w" sizes="(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px" />

At this point, since I’m SOOOOOO close to completing the achievement, I’m not going to switch to test the theory.  So close, yet so far! 96% complete!


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