Bloons Tower Defense Ultimate Agent Achievement COMPLETE

Another Achievement worth noting in Bloon Tower Defense 5 is the Ultimate Agent.  There are many of the Special Agents where I achieved Pro status as soon as I could because of the usefulness of the Pro Agent.  The best example being the Bloonsday Device Plasmatic Fusion – just two of these towers placed on any map would be more than enough to walk through 85 levels of bloon popping fun.  But other Agents like the Meerkat Spy Cyber Eye, Banana Farmer Banana Canon, Portable Lake Sea Monster, and Pontoon Primo Pontoon are ‘nice to have’ Agents of Pro status.

My last remaining Agent Pro status was the Pontoon Primo Pontoon.  Not only did I need to spend $2000.00 to purchase the required 50 Agents, I needed to use the 50 Pontoon’s before I could achieve Pro Status.


The easiest way for me to achieve this was to find the map with the most water, and simply add as many Pontoons as I could fit on the map – and then sell and replace as many as I could until I reached my 51st Pontoon.


It was nice to see the official Achievement Congratulations notification!


And the Ultimate Agent award was pretty sharp too!

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Yes, you are right – I still have not achieved the Ultimate Specialist achievement….. I’ve got another long road ahead…..

What achievements are you working on?

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