Bloons Tower Defense Road to the Ultimate Specialist

Ninja Kiwi designed a fantastic game with Bloon Tower Defense.  Do you want to know the best part of the game?  The capability to generate revenue.  How is it possible?  Genius…..  Here is the basic blueprint:

1. Create a “fun” game… The game must be designed with all the elements the target audience will associate with and enjoy.

2. The game must give the user the experience of achievements.  Most of the achievements must be relatively simple to achieve.  This gains the user’s loyalty while the user gets familiar with the game play.

3. There should be daily awards and mysterious achievements with ‘time’ or ‘event’ based release schedules.  This ensures users check back frequently.

4. Some achievements need to be very difficult to achieve without ‘assistance’.  The assistance I’m referring to is the “In-App Purchase” experience – usually in the form of game cash or power-ups, etc.  In the case of BTD5, I’ve now faced with this challenge with several achievements.  My most recent hurdle – the Ultimate Specialist Achievement.

I have roughly $26,000.00 required cash to earn to purchase my remaining specialist buildings.  The breakdown of how to earn the cash is below.


The best ‘bang for the buck’ map/special mission is the “No Escape” special mission.  This mission gives me $200 every time the mission is completed.  From what I’ve read on other sites on how to earn Monkey Money the quickest – this is the best method.  By turning on my Level 4 Boomerang specialty, I can complete this mission in approximately four minutes.


The simple math behind completing this achievement is as follows:


So….. roughly NINE HOURS of playing time remaining….. You (should) begin to ask yourself – ‘What am I doing?????’  Should I just end the suffering now, break down and SPEND REAL $$$ on the In-App Cash to complete this challenge?

My answer: No…. I will not break down…. I will die hard….. I will not give in….  I will beat the system…..

But, is it me that is beating the system?  Or, does the system now own me because I choose to play along – fairly, to accomplish the goals set before me.

Before I get too deep on this post, I will tell you – stay tuned….

** Update – I just timed myself to see how fast I could complete the No Escape mission – approximately 2 minutes and 40 seconds.  Given the updated time, the math looks a little better:


Let’s see if you can beat that!!  I think I’ll try to improve upon that time… expect an update…. soon.

** Update – 2.5 minutes!  Let’s see you beat that (from the time you select the Mission until the last ZOMG is destroyed…


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