Bloons Tower Defense 5 Monkey Lab Upgrades Complete

After my Co-Op revelation, I bit the bullet and completed as many Co-Op games as necessary to achieve level 8/8 for all seven Monkey Lab upgrades.  Below are the screenshots of the fully upgraded Monkey Lab abilities.

mlab2 mlab3 mlab4

The screenshot below is the final achievement notification I received for the last Monkey Lab upgrade.


After all of this activity finished, I still have THOUSANDS of rounds to complete to get the Steeley challenge completed….  If my estimations are close, each percentage point earned for the Steeley challenge takes a minimum of three – possibly four 101 round games.


Taking the worst case scenario to complete Steeley, the math to complete my remaining percentage works out in the following manner:

100% – 71% = 29% Remaining
29 x 4 “101 Round Games” = 116 “101 Round Games”
116 x 35 minutes per 101 Round Game = 4,060 minutes / 60 = 67.67 HOURS / 24 = 2.82 DAYS!!!! OF STRAIGHT PLAYING TIME!!!!

How close are you on completing the Steeley challenge?  Have you figured out the exact math?  I realize there are only a select number of rounds that count in the process – ie: round 28, 30, etc, but since there is no way to start at those rounds, the long way is the only method…. Or is there another way?  I

s it possible to get Sandbox mode to count toward the Steeley achievement??

Even if Sandbox mode could be the ticket to completing the Steeley challenge quicker, you would still need to generate 2500 Lead Bloons for every percentage earned (touch the Lead Bloon button 2500 times for each percentage point…).  Or in my case, 250,000 x .29 = 72,500 times!!!!


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