Bloon Tower Defense – Wholesale Change Out

Have you ever gottent to a point in the BTD5 Daily Challenge and your tower investment and placement strategy just isn't enough to pass a more difficult round in the Hard or Impoppable mode?  What can you do without using special agents?  Well, beyond ensuring you have all your monkey lab abilities turned on, and your specialist building activated, there is a method I like to call the "Wholesale Change Out" of your current towers and placements to another available tower.

In the example below, you'll notice I have as many Dart Monkeys as I possibly could have purchased through 83 rounds of play, but unfortunately, the configurations I put together just could not sustain the brutal attack of round 84.  So… what to do…..


Wholesale Change Out time…..  Notice the amount of cash I have remaining….


The only other tower available to me to handle the final round requirement was the Super Monkey.  But, I could not afford the Temple of the Monkey God upgrade, so I had to purchase three of the Sun God upgrades and hope for the best.


Since this was the Hard mode, I only had to deal with 1 ZOMG and my Sun Gods were enough to hold on for a victory, but in Impoppable mode, this Sun Gods configuration would not be enough to deal with 5 ZOMG .  I would have to supplimen

t with two Super Monkey Storms to finish the challange.  I've noticed in many cases in Impoppable mode, the towers given simply are not enough to pass without the assistance of Special Agents!  But, if I have to spend $100 on Super Monkey Storms to get $750 back, then it isn't a bad trade 😉


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