Bloon Tower Defense 5 Update 2.6 COMPLETE

Bloon Tower Defense 5 has been updated to release 2.6!


With the new update, we have two new maps available for us.

The first one – Lobby was easy, as expected.


I blew through this map and received the Olympian award quick and easy.


But, the second map – Down the Drain – Expert was a very, very tough map.  I was able to complete the map on Easy and Medium without any special agents, but I had to use a few high strength special agents on Hard to complete the map.  The truth is – I didn’t want to spend the time to accomplish the map without agents… maybe I’m getting soft…. maybe some other time….


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Anyway – Great Expert map they just added – check it out and let me know if you could beat the map on Hard without Agents!


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