Bloon Tower Defense 5 – Impoppable Strategy

After playing the BTD5 Impoppable mode for a while now….. it occurs to me there is an advanced strategy many gamers may overlook when attempting to beat Impoppable mode without the assistance of Special Agents.

By having the Level 4 Specialist Building activated, most maps can be beaten in Impoppable mode.  I say ‘most’ because maps like Death Valley are very difficult on their own – with all towers available.  When you are only given 4 towers to select from, the task becomes pathetically impossible.

Here is an example of an Impoppable mode map with a tower placement strategy that works for 84 rounds, but falls way short for round 85 (with 5 ZOMG):


So… what can be done?  Out of cash at this point, right?  The trick here is to know your tower’s “Activated Ability”.  In this case, the “First Strike Capability” of the Monkey Sub is all that is needed to completely wipe out the ZOMG.


So, the last question is – Do we have enough cash to purchase the First Strike Capability for five towers to match the five ZOMG?  Nope… just shy.  Even with the Level 4 Specialist Building activated for the Monkey Sub which saves 5% on the tower purchase and upgrades, I am still light on cash.  No worries, all that needs to be done is – be quick!  Start the round in normal speed mode, allow the ZOMG to enter the map, then knock four of the ZOMG off with the First Strike Ability.  Then, sell one of the four ‘used’ towers, then upgrade the last tower, hit the First Strike Ability – done!


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So…. easy, right!????

Have a better strategy?  Post your comment here.  Would love to hear it 🙂

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