Bloon Tower Defense 5 – Impoppable Mode Complete!

48 maps x 85 rounds (4080 rounds), ~15 minutes x 48 maps (12 hours!) later – Done!  But who is counting ?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!


Several of these maps were very challenging to complete on Impoppable mode.  I decided to use special agents (mostly the Bloonsday Device) to complete a few of the maps, including:

Advanced: Water Hazard
Advanced: The Great Divide
Expert: Down The Drain – This one BTW was Very, Very difficult!!!
Extreme: Bloontonium Lab – I used the special agent because it was my last map, and I have more monkey money than I know what to do with 🙂

All of this effort is going to fuel my insatiable quest for the Steeley Achievement….. getting closer now….

UPDATE – I also wanted to find out how far I could go on Impoppable mode, and if you are buying and setting up your tower correctly, you can get to a tipping point that will crush every round easily. In terms of how far my iPhone 5 will go without crashing the app – unclear. Maybe you could post how far you’ve gotten!

106-1 106-2

Absolute devastation is the name of the game 😉

A quick update – Advanced: Water Hazard

I was able to complete this map by carefully stacking towers in the center, them quickly building up tower sets on the left and right leg of the map.  I didn’t bother advancing any Monkey Village towers past 2/2.  I think that made the difference in getting through this map without the use of agents.

wh1 wh2

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