Bloon Tower Defense 5 – Hacked!

This may be exposing a bit too much information to Ninja Kiwi, but I felt like writing about it for those folks who are constantly frustrated by restarting from scratch due difficult rounds in BTD5.  This may be a well known fact for many, and Ninja Kiwi may even be OK with this behavior – which is fine by me.  I'd much rather they allow this then prevent it from happening.

Here we go – this example is an Impoppable mode map – extreemly difficult and one that I wouldn't likely to be able to complete without the use of special agent.  So, here I am just before round 63, knowing I'm about to get crushed by the ceramics….


And, of course, I get smacked down hard… What to do to get another crack at it……..


Double tap the home button on iOS….. Swipe up to close the game out before touching any part of the game screen.


Restart the game as you would normally enter the game for the first time.


After the intro screen, select resume game….. and…….


You are back to where you started from before your failed attempt!  Enjoy!

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