Bloon Tower Defense 5 – Death Valley Impoppable Mode NOT POSSIBLE!!!!

Way back when, I posted a strategy for Death Valley for ‘standard’ mode with all towers available…. But, when attempting to beat Death Valley from the Daily Challenge Wheel with only four random towers available is seriously impossible without the use of Special Agents.  I would love to hear back from anyone that has successfully completed Death Valley, Impoppable mode without Special Agents.

As you’ll notice, I built up what I thought was the best defense with the majority of a single tower strategy:


But, when it came to round 85 (5 ZOMG!!!), I had to blow away my entire tower configuration and utilize Level 4 Phoenix Wizards across the board:


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This turned out to be a ridiculous round where I had to sell one of my Bloonsday Devices mid way through the round, and replace it with a fully charged one to barely beat the round!  I seriously never want to go back to this map ever again!





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