Bloon Tower Defense 5 Co-Op Disconnects at Round 63

So, I see many posts around BTD5 Co-Op disconnects, but not many repeatable documented instances to help Ninja Kiwi fix the issue.  Here is what I’m noticing:

It doesn’t matter what kind of Co-Op game you play (Quick Match or Private), if you play a Medium or Hard difficulty, you will get disconnected at round 63.  I’ve played several maps with an Easy difficulty setting, and have successfully completed the game.  But, the moment, I start a Medium difficulty game, I get to round 63 and get disconnected each and every time.  And, the Server ID is always the same: “FLLJKOFKGIJ”.  I’d like to know if anyone else is experiencing anything similar.  Here are a couple of supporting screenshots:

btd5-disconnect-r63-1 btd5-disconnect-r63-2

Does the disconnect have to do with the “busy” nature of round 63? (multiple ceramics), lots of processing power required?  

Could it be the server “FLLJKOFKGIJ” doesn’t have enough memory allocated for round 63?  Has anyone gotten past round 63?  Post your details.  Could my disconnects have to do with the towers I’m using?  I’ve been using fully upgraded Monkey Engineers with Bloon Traps.  I’m interested to hear what you’ve run into.  Thanks!

** UPDATE – I was able to get past round 65 on a subsequent map.  So, I do not have a common thread as I thought I did.  Could it be that the connection to the server is unstable?  The issue could still reside with the load on the server causing the frequent disconnects…

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