Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Treasure of Tarmin Level 256 Complete!

I have done it…. completely….unequivical mastery of the 1982 realm…..  Henceforth, I will document the entire quest within the snapshots I've captured.  Each snapshot will give explicit details of the triumphant decisions made in this quest to achieve success.  For now, review the screenshots and hold still your heart as you review with disbelief, yet an overwhelming feeling of joy for this Dungeon Master.  All of the details will shortly follow.  Enjoy!

Oh, by the way – don't forget to check out the graph of my strength progress at the end of this post…

OK, using the same strategy detailed in my previous post, I utilized a transportation gate between every dungeon I could.  As you can tell from the screenshot below, this accelerated my War Strength significantly.  Level 2, 72 War Strength – impressive.  What was concerning was my Spiritual Strength.  At only 13, would I be able to overpower the Blue Magic Door to receive the Teleport Spell Book?  I decided to pass on this challenge.  More than likely, the Blue Magic Door would have had a Spiritual Strength of over 40, and would have sliced through my Spiritual Strength handily…  Pride swallowed and moved on…..


I decided to take on the challenge of the Tan Magic Door.  Since I was not confident in my Spiritual Strength still, I used a different tactic this time.  I set down my entire pack of weapons in the hallways near the Magic door.  This way, just in case I was banished, I wouldn't lose the weapons and keys.  I would only lose a few points of War Strength and Spiritual Strength.  A calculated gamble.  Did it pay off?  Yep!  The Vision Book was mine!


I then decided to take the same strategy when engaging with the Golden Magic Door.  This time I wasn't as lucky.  I was overpowered by the Golden Magic Door and banished.  I was able to collect my pack of item and quickly rebuild.


From there, I was able to find a Blue Transport gate, which radically reduced my War Strength from 122 down to 84!  I was lucky to find a pink Spiritual Strengh flask, boosting my Spiritual Strengh to a MAX score of 99!


From there I was able to find a Purple War Book, and from that point forward I utilized War weapons to boost my War Strength to it's maximum.  I took a quick screenshot of the rare Purple Large Potion.  I have rarely found this potion to be useful.  I decided to not take a drink 😉  Somewhere in between level 19 and 30 I was able to defeat a Golden Magic Door to aquire the all powerful Midas Special Book.


I took a quick snapshot to document my nearly perfect strength traits on level 39!


Maximum strength achieved on level 40 after slaying the Minotaur with a Platinum bow!


A quick shot of "Maxed Out", ready for war on level 256!


So, what happened….. I was able to find an Orange Hooded Wraith with a wopping strength of 241!!!  I was able to defeat the beast with TWO of my 99 powered platinum crossbows…. Of course, one broke, and there wasn't another crossbow on level 256, so I had to made due with the resources I had available.  Reflection point – I was hoping to encounter a TALL Hooded Wraith, but it was not to be.  Had I had enough patience and time, I might have been able to take another pass at the 250+ levels again… but I'm getting slightly ahead of myself in this post…


So… What did I decide to do?  Go back to LEVEL 1 !!!  Why not!


Sure as heck… I teleported right back to level 1 after using the ladder on level 256….



I eventually found a Transport Gate… Should I see what happens to a max strength score if I go through it????  Do I dare???


Yes, I dare!  It took my War Strength down 100 points!!! Ahhhh!


So, I decided I had enough, I quickly cruised down to level 12….. and…….


Ended the game… It was Epic, truly…..


Below is a quick look at my strength growth through level 40 where I maxed out.


09.png 300w, 215w, 150w" sizes="(max-width: 853px) 100vw, 853px" />

I really hope you enjoyed this post.  It was as perfect as I care to get with this game.  Game on!


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