How much does “trust” contribute to the quality of a team’s performance and the overall success of your company?  Leaders in modern companies have recently summarized a few thoughts:

Factors that contribute to the development of a trusting culture:

  • Leaders who are self-aware and solicit feedback (with the honest intent to improve)
  • Leaders who share information, and teams that have full access to information they need to be successful as individuals AND team members
  • Metrics that ensure individual wins are linked to team wins
  • People who do what they say, with no hidden agenda

Factors that impede the development of a trusting culture:

  • Any form of “silo” behavior
  • Organizational layers which include people who don’t solicit (or want) feedback from those below
  • Unnecessary reviews that add no value, and exist just to “check a
  • Long email chains in which senders “reply all” simply to demonstrate some level of involvement (usually superficial), or create some form of “protection” if a question is asked later.  People who are trusted, and trusting, never have to “scroll down” (and are very selective with “reply all”)

There is nothing complete about these lists, but they include good input from people who see and feel trust – or lack of it – every day.  Your personal journey to figure this out, for yourself and your company should continue every day.

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