The Unstoppables

There are books you find that you simply can’t put down, for your own personal reasons, the content is somehow so engaging and relative, your mind becomes a sponge pulling in the words off the page as if they are dancing directly into and through your cerebral cortex.  Ok, let’s not get carried away, but I recently read a book giving that kind of passion.  Below are my highlights and commentaries.  Enjoy!

The Unstoppables – Tapping your entrepreneurail power
Foreword by Graham Weston, Chairman and Co-founder, Rackspace
Author: Bill Schley, Co-founder, BrandTeamSix

The Unstoppables in seven sentences:
1. The war for the future is happening now.  It’s about jobs and economic power, and we need a wartime response.
2. The key to winning is in the hands of UnStoppable entrepreneurs.  We need millions more.
3. We went looking for the essence of entrepreneurship, but we couldn’t find the solution in the usual places…. so we went on a journey.
4. We talked to Israeli entrepreneurs and Navy SEALs – experts in fear, risk, and failure.
5. We found the system nations use in wartime:
– Distill the essence of what it takes to put people in motion, and
– Teach the emotional mechanics of getting started and keeping on through risk.
6. It’s called Accelerated Proficiency.  It makes people believers and makes them UnStoppable.
7. This book is about accelerated proficiency for entrepreneurs.  It will
– debunk the false myths about entrepreneurs and what the do;
– demonstrate the skills, rules, and power that make entrepreneurs UnStoppable; and
– show why it works in big companies, too – and why it’s the key to the future

The Big A-HA’s
Most of what we discovered about what makes ordinary people UnStoppable didn’t come from business or academic experts.  The best stuff was taught to us personally by members of the SEALs and the Israeli Special Forces.  These folks – the toughest and most elite practitioners of risk-management and problem-solving on earth – talk about a key to success that MBA professors don’t teach…. something even more important than the technical mechanics of their craft.  They teach what we call emotional mechanics – the internal capacity to get yourself started, to keep going, to overcome obstacles, and to innovate on the fly.  They are the real-world PhDs in the art and science of making  ordinary people UnStoppable – and the lessons they teach apply  to anyone who seeks success in any field.

We also discovered a system that can speed up the learning curve for entrepreneurs.  It’s a set of rules and principles that teaches you how to get into motion, safely and quickly, to accomplish any objective you have.  It’s called Accelerated Proficiency, and it’s a system that people have used for centuries to mobilize and train themselves in times of war or crisis.  It relies most of all on discovering the essence of whatever challenge you face.

A commander in the IDF explained it like this: “When you are in a tough spot and you have to improvise to save the mission, there is one question you must constantly ask yourself: Where is the center?

It’s the question that gets you to the heart of the matter.  How do we align to this?  What is the essence of this problem and its solution?  The more you look, the more you see that there is an essence to every important skills-based challenge human beings undertake.  The moment we get it, we switch from uncertainty to understanding, from doubt to belief, both mentally and physically.

Learners can become rapidly proficient at astonishing things when they are soaked in the essence from the start, then given a small skills set and rules set that support the essence.  When these elements are tied together, the result is Accelerated Proficiency.  Those who aren’t exposed to these things, even with years of instruction, may

never become proficient at all.

This book is going to show you the essence of entrepreneurship.  Then we’ll review the short skills and rules sets that will enable Accelerated Proficiency in any enterprise.  Some of the insights we’ll share may come as a shock to you – a paradigm-shifting “a-ha! moment” that may change your life.


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