Security in the News – Week of October 21

Information Security


Researchers Attack Ship Tracking Systems for Fun and Profit

October 21

Hackers have proven that pretty much anything can be hacked, especially when protocols are designed without any thought to security.


EU to Suspend Data Sharing Deal with US

October 23

Parliament votes to suspend the terrorist finance tracking program over the NSA spy scandal.


Detroit Free Press

How FBI Brought Down Cyber-Underworld Site Silk Road

October 22

Computer experts suspect the government simply beat the cyber-pirates at their own game: hacking.


Help Net Security

Data Visualization of Global DDoS Attacks

October 22

Arbor Networks collaborats with Google Ideas to create a data visualization that maps global DDoS attacks.


Top US Cities for Online Fraud Origination

October 23

Santa Clara, CA, is nation’s top spot for online fraudsters, followed by San Jose, CA, Chesterfield, MO, New York, NY and Atlanta, GA.


SC Magazine

Must Haves to Make the Framework for Cyber Security Useful

October 21

NIST to release Cybersecurity Framework – standards, methodologies, procedures, processes, guidelines to help businesses address risks, develop plan to improve security posture.


Despite Apple’s Claims, iMessage is Vulnerable to Decryption

October 21

Researchers discovered Apple’s popular iMessage instant messaging system is not as encrypted as the iOS-producing company led users to believe.


US Enterprises in Path of Data-Hijacking Sazoora Campaign

October 22

Researchers detected new variant of Sazoora malware, a data-hijacking trojan currently targeting US users as part of an international campaign.


Security Affairs

How a Simple Bug Could Cause a Disaster

October 22

Researcher discovered a serious vulnerability in Verizon Wireless’s customer portal that enabled anyone to download user’s SMS message history.


Security Dark Reading

Catching Mobile Malware In The Corporate Network

October 23

As more malicious mobile apps arrive, security firms roll out different methods of detecting the malware inside business networks.


State of Security

VP Cheney’s Heart Defibrillator Tweaked to Thwart Attacks

October 21

VP Cheney had adjustments to implanted heart defibrillator to disable device’s wireless functions as precaution against potentially fatal hacker attack.


Threat Post

Fake Dropbox Password Reset Spam Leads to Malware

October 21

New spam aimed to users of Dropbox; emails purport to come from service, but lead those who click to malware landing page.


We Live Security

Cyberattacks Against Major Firms Double in One Year

October 21

Cyber-attacks doubled in 2012-2013, according to report released by investigators Kroll – and third of large companies still do not invest in security.


Over Risky Behavior of Under-12s Online – Parents Need to Take Action

October 21

Nearly 1 in 5 9-11 year olds having physically met strangers encountered online.


Half of PC Users Ignore Virus Alerts – Middle-aged are Worst Culprits

October 22

35-44 are twice as likely to disregard warnings about attack websites as two years ago; one in five users ignore warning and visit websites anyway.


Is This How Indonesia Topped Malicious Traffic Charts?

October 23

Content delivery network provider Akamai released its State of the Internet report for second quarter of 2013.


Security and Crisis Management

ABC News

3 Killed in Latest Bangladesh Protests

October 25

3 killed and more than 60 people hurt when security officials clashed with opposition supporters trying to defy ban on protests, days before planned national general strike.


Miami Herald

Iraq Attacks Kill 10,

Including TV Camera Man

October 24

Bombings and shootings across Iraq, killing of television cameraman, left 10 dead as a wave of violent attacks.



Pirates Kidnap Two US Sailors off Nigerian Coast

October 24

Pirates attacked oil supply vessel off Nigerian coast, kidnapped captain and chief engineer, both US citizens.

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