Security in the News – Week of October 14

Information Security


Brazil to Fortify Government Email Due to NSA Revelations

October 14

Federal Data Processing Service has been tasked with making a secure email system for federal government.


Hackers Attack PR Newswire, Get User Data

October 17

Stolen data includes account customer credentials and contact information.


Dark Reading

The Long Shadow Of Saudi Aramco

October 14

New threats, realities of targeted attacks forcing oil and gas companies to rethink and drill down on security.


Help Net Security

Researchers Crack Vessel Tracking System

October 16

Automated Identification Systems (AIS) can be easily hacked in order to do some real damage.


DDoS Attack Size Accelerating Rapidly

October 17

Global  attack trends show DDoS continues to be a global threat, with alarming increases in attack size this year.



Hackers use Botnet to Scrape Google for Vulnerable Sites

October 15

Hackers using botnet to scour Google for websites that use vulnerable installations of the vBulletin forum software.



Google-Backed File-Sharing Service Spreads Chinese Malware

October 14

Xunlei has hundreds of millions of users in China. And, it was recently found to be distributing a signed malware known as KanKan.


Hackers Target Mandiant CEO Via Limo Service

October 15

CEO famously highlighted Chinese cyber-espionage efforts earlier may be feeling effect of retaliation.


PC Magazine

Indonesia Tops China as Cyber Attack Capital

October 16

Indonesia accounting for 38 percent of attacks, China with 33 percent and U.S. with 6.9 percent.


State of Security

Gartner: Configuration Hardening Required for Security and Compliance

October 14

Security config management is an effective security control to implement, and foundational to many regulatory standards and security frameworks.


More Than One-in-Three Breaches Due to Insiders

October 15

Forrester report indicates more than one-third of reported data breaches involved insider, whether maliciously or errant data handling.


Social Engineering Key to Metasploit DNS Hijacking Attack

October 16

Key mechanism for attack against Metasploit and Rapid7 is believed to be social engineering of an employee at by a pro-Palestine hacker group called KDMS.


We Live Security

Five New Tricks used by Cybercriminals

October 15

Latest traps laid by cybercriminals.



Researchers Uncover Holes That Open Power Stations to Hacking

October 16

Vulnerabilities discovered in products used in critical infrastructure systems to allow attackers to crash or hijack the servers controlling electric substations and water systems.


Security and Crisis Management


Syrian Intelligence Chief Killed in Deir al-Zour

October 18

State television reported that Gen Jamaa died while “carrying out his national duties” and “pursuing terrorists” in Deir al-Zour.


International New York Times

Myanmar: More Mysterious Explosions

October 17

Three small bombs went off in eastern Myanmar, killing one and wounding six, the latest in a series of unexplained explosions.


Radio Free Europe

IED Explodes Near Caucasus Mosque, Human Remains Found

October 18

Police in Russian Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria are investigating deadly blast near village mosque that appears to have been a bomb that exploded prematurely.



Pirate Attacks by Heavily Armed Gangs Surge off Nigerian Coast

October 17

Pirate attacks off Nigeria’s coast have jumped by a third this year with ships passing through West Africa’s Gulf of Guinea, a major

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The Washington Post

Indonesian Police Kill Suspected Militant, Arrest 2 in Anti-Terror Raid

October 17

Indonesia’s elite anti-terrorism squad shot and killed one suspect and arrested two others, seizing weapons and fertilizer allegedly for bomb making from group suspected of planning terrorist attacks.

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