Security in the News – Week of November 4

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Most Users Don’t Trust App Developers with Data

November 5

1K employed consumers surveyed in the UK, only 4% named makers of mobile phone apps as entity they most trust with their personal data.


Most Visits to Login Page by Malicious Tools

November 6

Survey revealed 1K websites over a 90-day period recorded over 1.4 million unauthenticated access attempts and 20,376 authenticated logins.


Malware Peddlers Test New Infection Techniques

November 6

Ongoing malicious spam impersonating UPS has shown malware peddlers experimenting with different approaches for infecting hapless users.


Cybercrime Gangs Seek Victims in Untapped Markets

November 7

639 unique brands were targeted by phishing attacks, topping 614 seen in 4Q 2012.


Employees Stuck with Unauthorized File Sharing Services

November 7

81% employees access work documents on the go, in absence of enterprise-grade file sharing alternative.


Silk Road 2.0 Goes Online

November 7

Another Silk Road has been resurrected from the ashes of the old one, an infamous underground market.


Cybercriminals Opting for Real-Time Malware Campaigns and Phishing

November 7

3Q 2013 saw further use of real-time malware campaigns and a dramatic increase in phishing sites.


The Register

Off your Bikie Laws: Anonymous to Queensland Premier

November 4

Online threat, real-world d0x … makes a nice change from website defacing.


The State of Security

Data Breaches Correlate to Identity Theft and Fraud

November 4

If personal data is compromised, greater than 1 in 4 chance you will be victim of identity theft resulting in fraud within the year.


Server Security Survey Reveals Problems Detecting Advanced Attacks

November 5

Organizations having increasing difficulty detecting, mitigating advanced attacks aimed at network servers, relying on ineffective technologies.


Threat Post

US-CERT Warns CryptoLocker Infections on Rise

November 6

Devious evolution of now-familiar ransomware schemes in which malware encrypts files on a number of network resources and demands a ransom for decryption key.


We Live Security

Mysterious Malware Jumps Between Disconnected PCs

November 4

Mysterious, indestructible strain of malware can infect PCs, Macs and Linux machines, jump between machines with cables, Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth pulled out.


Adobe Breach Reveals Really Terrible Passwords Still Popular

November 5

Adobe’s security breach bare 38 million pass

words to the world, 2 million are simple 123456.


Facts About Morris Worm, 25th Anniversary

November 6

Details on one of the most important pieces of malicious code in the history of malware.

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