Security in the News – Week of November 25

Information Security


Blackshades Malware Still being Sold

November 25

Symantec has seen an uptick in infections as well as command-and-control servers.


Malware: War Without End

November 26

May be facing a stalemate, or evolving a new cyber biosphere.


Neverquest Trojan Threatens Online Banking Users

November 26

Attackers could start to aggressively distribute malware, Kaspersky Lab researchers warn.



Symantec CEO Declares IP Theft Greater Threat Than Cyber War

November 26

Threat of intellectual property theft is more dangerous than cyber war, bringing the potential to have a big negative impact on global economic growth.


Krebs on Security

Spam-Friendly Registrar Dynamic Dolphin Shuttered

November 25

Revoked charter of Dynamic Dolphin, a registrar that has long been closely associated with spam and cybercrime.


Security Affairs

Report on Commodities Value in the Cyber Criminal Underground Market

November 25

Security experts explore online underground marketplace for stolen data.


Chinese Hackers Targeting US Cloud Service Providers

November 26

US, China Economic and Security Review Commission reports cloud computing represents a potential espionage threat.


State of Security

Hackers Hit European Bitcoin Payment Processor BIPS for $1 Million

November 26

European Bitcoin payment processor BIPS was victim of cyberattack resulting in theft of 1,295 Bitcoin, worth $1 million.


Anonymous Claims Responsibility for Microsoft Website Crashes

November 27

Anonymous behind intermittent downtime of Microsoft websites, including,,, and, part of Operation Killingbay.


We Live Security

Twitter Ramps up Security for Users, Approach Should be New Normal

November 25

Twitter unveiled serious security upgrade to protect its users’ data from cyber-snooping.


Security and Crisis Management


Central African Republic Powerless to Resolve Crisis, Security Council Told, As Regional Leader Urges Stronger Mandate for Support Mission

November 25

Central African Republic was failed State headed by a fragile transitional government, powerless to bring country out of crisis.


al-Arabiya News

Army on Alert after Benghazi Clashes

November 25

Libya’s army declared state of alert, ordered troops to report for duty after clashes with militant group in Benghazi led to the death of nine soldiers.


Channel NewsAsia

China Faces Threat of More Terror Attacks

November 25

China faces a serious terror threat, the foreign ministry said Monday after a fiery attack in Tiananmen Square and domestic media reports of nearly 200 “terrorist” incidents in Xinjiang last year.

Cambodian Opposition Urged to Avoid Violence in Protest

November 26

Cambodian Tourism Minister urged main opposition party to avoid violence when it holds a mass rally next month in tourist destination, Siem Reap.

France 24

French Police Train Brazil For Olympic Crowd Control

November 25

French riot police, accustomed to managing daily public demonstrations, are training Brazilian counterparts in anticipation of widespread public protests at 2014 World Cup, 2016 Olympics.

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