Security in the News – Week of March 3

Information Security

Chicago Tribune

Cyber Attacks Up 32% in 2013

March 5

Crashing websites, overwhelming data centers, new-gen of cyber-attacks costing millions, staining structure of internet.



How to Protect Personal Data

March 3

Privacy under attack, but there are things you can do to protect your personal data.


CIO Not Only One to Blame for Target Breach

March 5

Jacob’s resignation not surprising, but disappointing, analysts say.



Organized Fraudsters Pose Biggest Cyber Security Threat

March 3

Growing attacks reflect evolving criminality, impact grows with mobile compromises, financial fraud.


Help Net Security

Cyber Crooks Will Go After Medical Records Next

March 3

Cyber crooks to look for new, more lucrative targets, and ones poorly secured.


Managing Vulnerabilities in Business Context

Monday 3

Cyber-attacks have direct impact on bottom line, yet many orgs lack visibility to manage risk from perspective of business.


Trends Shaping Mobile Forensics

March 3

Interviews with leading mobile forensic experts asked opinion on top trends shaping mobile forensics.


Cyber Security Concerns Becoming Boardroom Issue

March 6

Cyber security planning, protection is key theme on strategic agenda of boards, CEOs.


Peek into China’s Burgeoning Mobile Cybercriminal Underground

March 6

Chinese underground market awash with cyber crooks buying, selling services and devices, aimed at taking advantage of them.


Krebs on Security

Thieves Jam Up Smucker’s Card Processor

March 4

Shuttered online store, notifying visitors site retooled because of security breach jeopardized customers’ credit card data.


Network World

Nearly All Apps are Vulnerable

March 3

96% of apps tested show at least one security vulnerability, an improvement.


Even Apple and Google Can’t Protect Users from Inherent Mobile App Risks

March 4

There is no such thing as a free app.


RSA Conference Recap: Positive Direction for Security Industry

March 3

Discussions focused on enterprise customer requirements rather than silver bullet solutions.


CyberLocker’s Success Will Fuel Copycats

March 5

Ransomware with unbreakable encryption will attract cyber bandits like flies to offal.


Apple Reveals Unprecedented Details in iOS Security

March 6

Updated Apple whitepaper reveals interlocking, defense-in-depth architecture for iPhone, iPad OS.


Half of Exploits Target Java

March 6

Java’s prevalence on devices and lax defenses make it a favorite target of malware developers.


PC Magazine

How to Report Internet Fraud

March 5

The rate of Internet fraud is increasing. Here’s what to do if you’re one of its victims.


Security Affairs

FireEye 2013 Advanced Threat Report on APTs Campaigns

March 6

FireEye 2013 Advanced Threat Report provides high-level overview of computer network attacks by APTs discovered.


We Live Security

Netflix Phish, Tech Support scam, Same Phrying Pan

March 3

Tech support scam, taking money for a computer problem you don’t have; this one is too interesting not to look at.


Twitter Mass Password Reset Was Mistake

March 4

Password reset sent to users due to supposed compromise of accounts; company admitted reset was initiated by mistake.


More than 300K Wireless Routers Hijacked

March 4

Unknown cybercriminals made malicious changes to devices’ settings, misdirect computers to websites of choice.


Courier Scams – Don’t Give Away Bank Card

March 5

Elaborate scam reported a few times in the UK in the past few months.


Security and Crisis Management


Two Dead in Venezuela Violence as Protests Drag On

March 7

Venezuelan soldier, motorcy

clist died in confused melee sparked by opposition’s barricading of street, boosting death toll from nearly a month of violence to 20.


Thais Defer Decision on Emergency after Two Hurt in Shooting

March 7

Thai officials assessing whether to maintain state of emergency hours after two wounded in shooting at site of anti-government protests.

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