Security in the News – Week of March 10

Information Security


Snowden Advocates at SXSW for Improved Data Security

March 10

Best encryption may conflict with business model of Google and Facebook.



US Network to Scan Workers with Secret Clearances

March 10

US intelligence to electronic monitor behavior of five million federal employees with secret clearances, current and former officials.


HelpNet Security

Techniques Used in High Profile Data Breaches

March 10

Report highlights role of dark web malware as key enabler of POS attacks, data breaches in 2013.


MasterCard and Visa Accelerate Payment Security

March 10

New cross-industry group to enhance payment system security for expectations of consumers, retailers, financial institutions.


Malware Peddlers Trying out Different Exploit Kits

March 10

Researchers believe recent spam campaigns initiated by infamous ru:8080 gang.


Fraudulent Tax Returns Net $4 billion for Cybercriminals

March 11

Risks consumers face during tax season and strategies to protect taxpayer identities, especially when filing online returns.


Krebs on Security Probes Possible Card Breach

March 11

Retailer hired computer forensics team after potential breach of customer card data.


Blogs of War: Don’t Be Cannon Fodder

March 13

KrebsOnSecurity was hit with attack which leveraged a feature in 42 blogs running WordPress content management system.


Last Watchdog

How Massive DDoS Attacks Leverage Internet’s DNA

March 10

Massive DDoS attacks are disrupting Internet commerce, slowing down speed of the web.


Network World

How Does Certificate-Based Authentication Work

March 10

Review how certificate-based authentications actually work.


Researchers Attack Secured Internet Activity to Mine Personal Data

March 11

Technique governments, Internet service providers could use to bypass secured connections, gather personal information.


Cyber Attacks Could Paralyze US

March 11

Former US Secretary of Defense renews warning of a cyber-Pearl Harbor attack.


Has Mobile Computing Had Positive Impact on Cyber Security?

March 11

Counterintuitive perspective, mobile computing chaos may help improve enterprise cyber security strategy.


Sophisticated Scam Targeting Verizon Wireless Customers

March 13

Scam uses Caller ID spoofing technology, fake website to garner personal information.


Security Affairs

Marketing Approach of Cybercrime to Phishing Emails

March 10

Cybercrime manages phishing emails using techniques similar to those used by the marketing industry.


State of Security

Target Hackers Had Detailed System Information

March 11

Analysis indicates attackers had intimate knowledge of network, customize malicious code for optimal performance.


Unbalanced Security is Increasing Attack Surface

March 11

Problems caused by unbalanced security, security solutions that fight for same resources.


Attacks on Healthcare Organizations Spike

March 13

Annual study by Ponemon Institute reveals new security, privacy threats to hospitals, patient records they manage.


Threat Post

200 Million Consumer Records Compromised in Experian ID Theft Case

March 10

Ongoing investigation reveals man posing as PI compromised millions of Americans’ personal, financial records from 2007-2013.


Security and Crisis Management


d-europe-26555745">Turkey Mass Protests: Two Dead after Teenager’s Funeral

March 12

Two died during protests across Turkey following funeral of teen wounded in anti-government clashes last year.


Venezuela Protests: Three Killed in Fresh Unrest

March 12

Three died in fresh protests in Venezuela in the central city of Valencia

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