Security in the News – Week of February 3

Information Security

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Good News and Bad as Enterprise Threat Landscape Evolves

February 3

HP released their Cyber Risk Report 2013, highlights top enterprise vulnerabilities.



Despite Target Data Breach, PCI Security Standard Remains Solid

February 3

Breaches at Target highlight need for multi-layered security effort.


How to Use Syrian Electronic Army Attacks to Improve Security Awareness

February 3

To help companies handle attacks from SEA to contain damage, which accounts compromised and clean up.


Malware Sophistication Vexes Lawmakers, Retailers and Financial Industry

February 5

Members of Senate Judiciary Committee point to failure of industry to implement stronger measures.


UK Spy Agency Attacked Hacktivist Groups

February 5

Leaked documents suggest agency used DoS tactics, assisted law enforcement in identifying Anonymous members.


Target Attack Shows Danger of Remotely Accessible HVAC Systems

February 7

Qualys says 55K internet-connected heating systems, including one at Sochi Olympic arena, lack adequate security.



Busting a Credit Card Hacker

Febrauy 5

Ukrainian Yastremsky was most prolific credit card hacker, stealing 40 million cards from US retailers; cost companies $11 million.


Identity Fraud Hits New Victim Every Two Seconds

February 6

Number of identity fraud victims jumped to 13.1 million in 2013; increase of 500K from 2012.


Detroit Free Press

Did Your Cell Phone Ring Just Once?

February 6

If you missed phone call from unknown number and call back, hold on to wallet before you get taken by a scam.



Microsoft Takes to Front Lines in War on Cybercrime

February 6

Global cost of cybercrime is upwards of $300 billion; daily one million more individuals become victims of cyber-criminal activity.
Help Net Security

Security Breaches, Data Loss and Outages Cost US Hospitals $1.6B

February 3

Report quantifies organizational cost with security breaches, data loss, unplanned outages for healthcare providers.


USA Still Global Spam King

February 4

SophosLabs revealed top spam-relaying nations.


Gartner: By 2016, 30% of Organizations Will Use Biometric Authentication on Mobile Devices

February 4

The consumerization of IT and business BYOD programs have resulted in potential security problems for IT leaders.


DDoS Attacks Used to Influence Stock Prices

February 5

Analysis of attacks indicate cyber-attacks using DDoS in attempt to influence market values, interfere with exchange platforms.


International Business Times

Anonymous Slovenia Claims FBI Hacked

February 3

Hacked FBI, uploading email addresses, personal information relating to current director to online storage site Pastebin.


Krebs on Security

Target Hackers Broke in Via HVAC Company

February 5

Target’s vendor in question was a refrigeration, heating, air conditioning subcontractor that worked at Target and top retailers.


Modesto Bee

Cards with Microchips Could Become More Common

February 4

Amid relentless revelations of cyber thieves stealing credit card and personal data, renewed push to fortify the credit cards.


Network World

11 Sure Signs You’ve Been Hacked

February 3

Signs you’ve been hacked, what to do in the event of compromise.


One in Three Victims of Target Card Breach Could Face Fraud

February 5

Survey shows data breach victims are more frequently seeing fraud.


State of Security

Syrian Electronic Army Claims eBay and PayPal Servers Hacked

February 3

SEA claims responsibility for defacing eBay, PayPal in France, Israel and UK with its logo, but denies targeting customer data.


Major Hotel Franchises Disclose Payment Data Breach

February 3

White Lodging franchise, Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton, Westin, suffered 2013 data breach exposing customer credit, debit information.


US Intelligence Agencies Say May be Compromised

February 4

Dept of Health Human Services warned compromised by Belarus contractors who developed code.


A Forensics Tale: Confronting the Insider Threat

February 4

The call can come in middle of night, a holiday or day off. Highly-disruptive, high-paced, and demand high degree of visibility.


US-CERT Issues Security Guidance for Sochi 2014 Olympic Games

February 5

Warnings about hacktivist threats, spam, phishing, drive-by-download campaigns, protecting personal information.


We Live Security

Weak Passwords and Ancient Software left US Government Data Vulnerable

February 5

DHS report finds weak passwords and rarely updated software are recurring theme behind the 48K cyber incidents reported.


Cellphone-Sized $20 Gadget Can Remote-Control Car Electronics

February 6

Gadget can hack into network of cars to receive radio commands from controlling steering, brakes to switching off headlights.


Security and Crisis Management

Al Arabiya

Youth Killed in Sectarian Violence in Algeria

February 7

Berber died of wounds  in Algeria’s Ghardaia, bringing to five killed during weeks of violence between two rival communities.


Explosion Rocks Area Near Iraq’s Green Zone

February 5

Three explosions in Baghdad, including car bomb by fortified Green Zone, killed 22 people on Wednesday.



Libyan Blast Injures 12 Children at Benghazi School

February 5

Grenade attack on school in Benghazi.



Six Hurt in Blasts Near Cairo

February 7

Two explosive devices detonated near police checkpoint in outskirts of Cairo.

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