Security in the News – Week of January 13

Information Security

Business Day Live

South Africa Neglects Alarming Effect of Cybercrime

January 14

Cyber-attacks are growing risk to business in South Africa, but neither government nor business are doing enough to combat it.



Starbucks App Leaves Passwords Vulnerable

January 15

App allows customers to purchase from smartphones, saves usernames, passwords, other personal information in plain text.



Target’s Point-of-Sale Terminals Were Infected with Malware

January 13

Attackers used malware to steal credit and debit card data from PoS systems.


Target Hackers Have More Data to Sell as Demand Wanes

January 14

Those who stole data appear to be keeping low profile on underground forums.


Target to Invest $5M in Cyber Security Ed Program

January 14

Launch of plan to educate public on dangers of scams follows major theft of Target customer data.


Kaspersky Lab: Beware of Neverquest Trojan Banker
January 14

Recorded attempts to infect computers used for online banking with malicious program creators claim can attack any bank, any country.


Hackers Exploit SCADA Holes to Take Full Control of Critical Infrastructure

January 15

Review of reports on hacking critical infrastructure, from dish satellite systems to taking full control of industrial control systems.


Spammers Target Snapchat, Bitly, Kik Messenger

January 16

Companies working with Symantec to clean up malicious links, result of API keys left visible on web.


Help Net Security

Top Security Concerns for 2014

January 14

AhnLab, immersed in the cyber trenches and the cloud, announced top security concerns for 2014.


Understanding Mobile Security Pressure Points and Vulnerabilities

January 14

41 percent of government employees who used assessment tool are putting themselves, agencies at risk with existing mobile habits.


Amazon and GoDaddy are Biggest Malware Hosters

January 15

US leading malware hosting nation, 44 percent of malware hosted domestically.


Security Concerns Still holding Back Cloud Adoption

January 15

With significant differences in public cloud infrastructure concerns between cloud-wise, cloud-wary, organizations not using cloud services have no near-term plans.


Krebs on Security

First Look at Target Intrusion, Malware

January 15

Target disclosed malicious software infected point-of-sale systems at checkout counters.


Closer Look at Target Malware, Part II

January 16

Previous story prompted flood of analysis and reporting from antivirus and security vendors about related malware.


PC Magazine

Syrian Hackers Hijack Saudi Sites, Target Microsoft Again

January 15

SEA seized control of Saudi Arabian govn. websites, tweeting names, links of 16 Saudi domains as they infiltrated each one.


The Register

Banking Apps – Insecure and Badly Written

January 13

Security researchers IO Active are warning that many smartphone banking apps are leaky and need to be fixed.


We Live Security

Less Than Half of Consumers Take Steps to Stay Safe Online

January 13

Survey conducted by British gov. found less than half took basic steps online, part of new cyber campaign.


Luxury Store Neiman Marcus Admits to Cyber-Intrusion, Theft from Customer Cards

January 13

Thieves accessed systems, made unauthorized charges on customers’ credit cards over holiday period.


Major Cyber-Attacks Can be Predicted Using Computer Model

January 14

Major international cyber-attacks follow pattern can be predicted by mathematical model, researchers claim.


Tips for Defending Accounts Against Card Fraud

January 14

If you used credit, debit card in store last three months, check accounts for fraudulent charges.


Borrowing Tricks from Cybercriminals Scare Web Users Into Safe Browsing

January 15

Direct threats against users are more effective, such as vague warnings about systems or impact on others.


Security and Crisis Management

CBS News

Deaths in Shootout During Pre-Olympics Security Sweep in Russia

January 15

Russian security forces and gunmen were killed in shootout during a sweep for militants before the Sochi Winter Olympics.


Channel News Asia

24 Wounded in Philipp

ine School Blast

January 13

Suspected improvised bomb attack at university campus in Philippines left 24 student and teachers people wounded.


News 24

31 Killed in Tribal Clashes in Southern Libya

January 13

Days of fighting between tribes in S. Libya kill 31, gunmen assassinated country’s deputy minister of electricity in separate attack.

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